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User Query: I am new to QuickBooks & i want to know what does rebuild data mean in QuickBooks. I am using Mac Pro so how to rebuild data in QuickBooks Mac and how long it takes.?One more question i need to ask is that how often should i verify & rebuild data in quickbooks?

Rebuild data functionality is one of the very important features in QuickBooks. This feature helps in fixing minor database damage issues in the QuickBooks files. Your QuickBooks data file can get corrupted due to large size, low RAM (random access memory of your system), virus issues, or due to other technical reasons.

Whatever the reason, the QuickBooks rebuild data functionality will surely help you out. Let us see below how to use rebuild data functionality through detailed steps.

How to Use QuickBooks Rebuild Data Functionality
How to Verify And Rebuild QuickBooks Data File (Damaged file)

QuickBooks Rebuild Data – Automatically Resolves Minor Company File Data Issues

Repair your company file in QuickBooks using the Rebuild Data Tool: The prerequisite of rebuild data function is the verification of data that is done to check the integrity or issues in the data. You can follow the below steps to complete both the processes.

Verification of the QuickBooks Data

Step 1. First of all, click on File> utilities> Verify data.

Step 2. In this step, you need to click on OK to close all the open windows. There can be two outcomes, if nothing is wrong with your data, the data will pass the integrity check and you have to do nothing more. But if the data fails the integrity checks, you have to move on and use ‘rebuild data’ functionality in the QuickBooks.

Repair of the data through rebuild data functionality


Step 1. First of all, click on File> utilities> rebuild data.

Step 2. In the next step, click on OK to close all the open windows.

Step 3. Once the QuickBooks asks to create a backup for the company file before using the rebuild tool, select OK. In case, you don’t want to create a backup, click on cancel to continue using the rebuild function.

Step 4.  You will have to set up or update the backup data preferences and then click on OK.

Step 5. Finally, select the backup through the show in the finder option and click on OK once the rebuild process is finished.

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Now to check if your data is error-free or not or in other words if the minor data issues are resolved or not, you can run the verify data function once again. If your data fails the integrity test once again, you can go on and run the rebuild tool again to fix the issues.

Another alternative to rebuilding data functionality is fixing the data errors manually. In this process, you need to click on file> utilities and verify data. And then you have to open the verify result window to see the list of errors. Verify the result window will advise regarding the steps for fixing the data issues as well.

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You can follow the steps advised and rebuild QuickBooks file manually. If the rebuild tool or manual fixing of error does not work, you can go ahead and use the Quick fix my file functionality and QuickBooks file doctor. Both of the functionality will fix the issues automatically, but QuickBooks file doctor may take up to 5 minutes to scan and fix the issues.

Regarding Apple Mac users you can use the verify tool in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac to scan your company file for errors or data damage.

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