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To ensure that a check isn’t used as a blank one, it is important to void the check. There is a very simple process to void a check in QuickBooks. Voided checks are frequently used to set up automatic payments. They are an easy way of verifying the details of one’s bank account. In a traditional sense, you can simply void a check by writing VOID on it. Let’s take a look at how to do the same in QuickBooks.

If you wish to review the details of a check before you void it, then you should void the check through the Check Page. Follow the steps provided below to do the same:

  1. From the main menu, click on Expenses.
  2. From the Expenses tab, select Filter.
  3. Select Check from the Type field.
  4. Enter a date range to find the check easily. Click on Apply.
  5. From the Expense Transactions list, select the check to void. This opens the check in the Check screen.
  6. Click on more.
  7. From the pop-up menu, select Void.
  8. On the confirmation message, select Yes.

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You have successfully voided the check. This is the method we recommend all our users because it is easy and lets you look at the details of the check before you delete it.

If you don’t wish to see the transaction associated with the check before deleting the check, then follow the steps provided below:

  1. Click on Expenses from the main menu.
  2. Go to the Expense Transactions list.
  3. Select the Check you wish to void.
  4. Look at the Action column. Click on View/Edit dropdown menu and select Void.
  5. Click Yes when the confirmation message appears.

These two methods are simple and cover all the personal preferences a user may have. However, it is recommended that you first view the transactions linked to a check before deleting the check. Failure to do so may result in data errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which method should I select to delete the check?

It will depend on your personal preference. If you wish to view the transactions related to the check, then go with the first method; otherwise, select the second method.

Can I void multiple checks at once?

That will depend on the version of QuickBooks that you have. In the Enterprise edition, bulk actions are available which boost your productivity.
QuickBooks enables users to void checks and record the voided checks as well. Prior to this, the voided checks would just be deleted and you would not have any record of them. With QuickBooks you can now view all the checks that have been voided. You can even see all the details relating to the checks, i.e., check amount, date on which check was created.
In real life it is a cakewalk to void a check. You can simply write void on the whole check and record the entry. Void checks to not make a difference on Balance Sheet but are required to enter in case you would want that information on a later date.
QuickBooks enables you to do this and more. It makes the process of creating a void check or voiding an already created check with sheer ease. In fact, the voided checks are automatically recorded and you can search for them anytime you would like to. QuickBooks even enables users to filter through these checks and search for them from specific criteria.
Steps to Create a Voided Check
1. Go to Checks and Click on the Plus Sign
2. Fill in all the required details
3. Enter the date for which you want to create the check.
4. Choose between random account or expense account.
5. Click on more and hit void
6. Confirm the void function by clicking on the menu that appears after the previous steps have been completed.
7. By following the steps given above you can create a void check in seconds. The process is as easy as pie.
8. In certain cases people want to make a previously created check void. This in fact is one of the most important things that you would be required to do. The need to make a check that has already been created void occurs regularly and for many reasons.
Steps to Void a previously created Check
Hover the mouse over transactions.
Click on Chart of Accounts.
Now you need to Select the bank account for which the check was writen. Click on View Register.
Find the check you want to void. You can search for the check or filter according to certain criteria like date created.
Hit Edit
In the new window click on More.
Under More click on Void.
A confirmation message will appear. Hit yes if you are sure that you want to void the check
The check will be voided and appear under the section of voided checks.
QuickBooks has a large community and you will easily be able to find whatever information you need regarding QuickBooks on our website. QuickBooks not only makes voiding checks easier but also printing them out. With this new version of QuickBooks you can easily batch print a large amount of checks at once. This saves a lot of time and curtails the hard work that would be required to sign each and every check. You can also create digital signature which will abet you in further saving  you time.

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