Import and Export CSV Files in QuickBooks

When you are running a business, it is all about how you structure, organize and manage your data. Though most of the time, the customer or vendor or account details are saved in Excel, CSV or any Spreadsheet format, these days, people are shifting to QuickBooks to manage their lists in a more appropriate way to ensure instant retrieval of data as and when required.

While importing Excel or CSV files into QuickBooks Desktop or Mac is not that complicated, you need to have a proper platform to ensure that when the data is imported, it automatically falls into the decided pattern to remain organized and easy to use.

Here is how you can learn the import and export of QuickBooks Data from Excel

Therefore, when it comes to importing the Excel along with CSV files into QuickBooks, it is important at first to be aware of the steps, to make the platform feasible for further importing of the lists and transactions.

What Is QuickBooks import Excel and CSV Toolkit?

To import the lists, be it customers list, vendors list, transactions list, etc., it is absolutely important to have this toolkit installed as it contains:

A Manual

This is a PDF document, containing all instructions, directions, best practices, and notes to guide users to achieve the successful import of Excel and CSV files to QuickBooks.

CSV Examples Files

A collection of 4 samples of CSV files, which explains each type of list to users. You will be able to go through the examples to understand the list types.

XLS Examples Files

Like the CSV example folder, it contains a sample of Excel files with four worksheets, explaining each type of list. Going through the example will make things clearer.

Allowed Fields

It is a reference guide that explains and exemplifies the type of fields available for Excel and CSV import. This helps in making the choices during the Import process easier for us, the users.

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How to Install/Import QuickBooks import Excel along with CSV Toolkit?

  1. Click file download. A window opens and the toolkit download starts
  2. Click Save
  3. Navigate to Windows Desktop
  4. Choose Save
  5. You can see QuickBooks_Import_Excel_and_CSV.exe on the Desktop. Double-click it
  6. It will open the WinZip Self-Extractor window
  7. Click on Browse
  8. Choose the folder you want to save the installed toolkit to
  9. Choose to Unzip and the contents will be extracted
  10. Click Close to shut down the Winzip Self-Extractor window
  11. Now navigate to the location where you saved the file and open the QuickBooks Import Excel along with CSV folder

Once the toolkit is installed in your system, importing Excel sheets and CSV files will become easy enough. Whether you want to import or export customers, vendors, items, reports, or any kind of data, the toolkit will make things easier and faster by guiding you through the steps.

In case you get stuck while following the steps to install the toolkit in your QuickBooks Desktop or Mac, you will have our experts always available on LIVE CHAT to assist you.