How to Import Customers from Another Program in QuickBooks

User Query: I just want to know how could I import customer lists into QuickBooks Desktop? I use MS Excel. 

Understand how and where to import contact data of your clients or suppliers from Outlook, Excel, Gmail, or Google Sheets.

Do you have a list of customers or vendors that you want to add to QuickBooks Online? We will show you how to export your list from Outlook, Gmail, Excel or Google Sheets as a spreadsheet. We’ll show you how specifically to import them into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks allows you to import spreadsheet where you maintained all the details of your customers.

  • To export the details go to the program and then choose the Export option there.
  • If you get the option the method of exporting, you can either choose Excel or Comma-separated values.importing-customers-from-another-orogram-in-qb
  • Where to allow you can import the contents of the spreadsheet. To import in the home screen click on customers and then select Excel. Then click on the option paste from Excel.
  • You can also bring any type of data recorded in an Excel Sheet and not only customers. You can do the same through the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries screen. You can also import information related to Vendors, Service Items, etc.

Important Note to Consider When Import Contact From QuickBooks Desktop:

  • File size should not be exceed 2 MB or 1000 rows.
  • You can’t import Subaccounts.
  • Reimport if the file is wrongly imported.
  • Use unique name fields for entries.
  • Import process only supports one email at once, you can add new one later.

Apply: When Transfer a Customer List in QuickBooks

  • 1st row should be column headers.
  • Contacts list are on Sheet – 1 of the spreadsheet.
  • Don’t use any any formulas, charts, or blank rows in the spreadsheet.
  • Spreadsheet doesn’t have any errors, like: #REF!, #NAME?, #N/A or #VALUE!.
  • Don’t use contain colons (:) or quotation marks (“) in the names.

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How to Export a QuickBooks Customer’s List

  • Start QuickBooks.
  • In the menu go to Customer Center in order to open the customer list.
  • Click on Customers and Jobs tab to view all the customers in your list. You can select the customers to be selected from here.
  • There is a View button which lets you filter the customers if you want to select the customers based on some criteria.
  • You can skip this option if you want to see the entire list of customers.
  • In the Customer center menu you can find the Excel tab where you have to click on the drop-down arrow and choose “Export Customer List”.
  • Now select Create a New Worksheet displayed in the Export window and create a fresh Excel worksheet or choose the “Export to a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file” option.
  • Select the Export to create the list.

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