importing purchase orders into quickbooks easy way

A purchase order acts as a legal document used as a purchase authorization. Every organization stores the purchase order outline for managing the seller or buyer transactions. QuickBooks allows you ease of creating, importing, and exporting these agreements. The import of purchase orders helps in saving time and effort. The below article is rounded up as the guide to process importing purchase orders into QuickBooks online.

Few thing you need to know before importing purchase orders:

You can import purchase orders into QuickBooks as the bills with the below conditions:

  • When the purchase order total is more than “0”
  • An invoice number and date has been filled in the purchase order

Before importing make sure you have imported vendors. This signifies that you can match the new vendors to the existing vendors in QuickBooks accurately.

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Methods – Importing Purchase Orders:

There are mainly two methods to import the purchase orders into QuickBooks:

All orders in a batch:

In this method, you can easily import all the purchase orders simultaneously. This is the fastest method used to import purchase orders. Here are the steps:

  • Open the left navigation option on the page
  • Choose Accounts option
  • Click QuickBooks online
  • Choose import vendors to import or update new vendors
  • Click Import purchase orders
  • It will let a confirmation window will notify you about the import success
  • The import purchase order appears as bills in QuickBooks Online

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Individual Orders:

In case of importing a specific purchase order or examine the order before processing an import process. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Locate the left navigation on the window
  • Choose the Accounts option then click QuickBooks Online
  • Click Import Vendors to update/add a new vendor
  • Here are the steps to add contacts in QuickBooks:
  • Choose Accounts
  • Click QuickBooks Online
  • Select Choose option to Import Contacts
  • It will display a list of imported customers that matches
  • If no such match has been generated then you need to manually match contacts to an already existing contact
  • Find the contact in the field and if you discover the contact then hit it to match the contact
  • In case contact is not found then clear it to generate a new contact in QuickBooks
  • Now repeat the procedure for vendors
  • Click Import purchase orders
  • The brackets number determine the order numbers for import
  • Choose the particular purchase orders you need to import
  • Click Update/Import orders option

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How to create purchase orders before importing purchase orders?

Firstly enable the purchase order option if you have not yet turned it on. For this here are the steps:

  • Locate Settings button
  • Choose Account and Settings tab
  • Click Expenses option
  • Search for the section which says Purchase orders
  • Choose icon named edit
  • Enable the option labeled Use Purchase orders
  • In case you need, fill the three custom fields
  • Choose the Save button and then click Done
  • After this create a purchase order with the below steps:
  • Click +New
  • Choose Purchase order
  • Click on the drop-down named Vendor
  • Choose the vendor
  • Check the mailing address
  • In case you are shipping the products via customer, choose drop-down named ship to
  • Click Ship via
  • Select the shipping address to ensure it is right
  • Fill in the date of the purchase order
  • Click Settings using the purchase order form
  • Hit Panel labeled Choose what you use
  • Choose the link to embed your custom fields
  • Click on the option named item details, write the desired product
  • Once you are done with this then choose Save & close button
  • Choose drop-down named Save and send


Here the article came to an end! Hopefully, now you can able to create a purchase order and import the purchase order into QuickBooks online. In case you need to know more then get connected with a professional team

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Read few more questions related to importing purchase orders into QuickBooks Desktop

What if need to match contact while importing purchase orders?

Of course, you can match the contacts simultaneously when selecting purchase orders to import.

How imported purchase order appears in QuickBooks?

The purchase order that has been imported appears as a bill.

How would I enable the purchase order option in QuickBooks Desktop?

1. Locate Settings option
2. Choose Account and Settings tab
3. Click on the option named Expenses
4. The select section labeled Purchase orders
5. Choose the icon named edit
6. Click Use purchase orders
7. Hit Save and then click Done

How would I view the open purchase order to import?

1. Locate Reports option
2. Find the report named open purchase order list
3. Click Open report which says purchase order detail

How can I update the purchase order status in QuickBooks Desktop?

Once you create the purchase order then the status appears as open. After the vendor accepts the purchase order you can embed it to an expense to process the transaction.

Is it possible to automate order imports?

Automatically importing orders is not currently supported. Manually selecting the button for each order(s) adds a level of scrutiny that encourages good accounting practice.

How would I add purchase orders to bills in QuickBooks?

1. Click + New
2. Choose Expense, click Check or Bill option
3. Click drop-down named Payee, choose the vendor
4. It will launch a window with a purchase order outline 
5. Click checkbox named Billable then add the customer using column named customer
6. Hit Save & Close

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