Installing the QuickBooks Enterprise Software on all the Workstations
  1. Make sure that all the programs that are running currently are closed, including the anti-virus program used by you
  2. After that click twice on the file that has been downloaded by you, just now

Important to Remember: If optional back-up CD is ordered by you, then installing can be done from that as well, but we strongly recommend you to get the installation done from download, to ensure that latest version is owned by you

  1. Keep following the prompts popping up on the screen, until you are able to find the window of Choose Installation Type
  2. After that, select the option, which you are willing to install:
  • You can select Express, in order to make the installer choose the best option for you automatically, or you can choose the option of Custom and Network, to customize the installation as well as location
  • You will then be asked to choose one option out of three, related to how the installation of QuickBooks has to be done. Keep in mind that the option you are choosing could change, based upon where the installing process will take place, whether on a workstation, terminal or server.
  • I am going to use the QuickBooks on this system, but, the location of company file will not be the same and it will be saved on another computer
  • I am going to use the QuickBooks on this system and will also store company file in the same location, so that I am able to share it over the network. This could be the server, which is used actively as the workstation of a user. When it comes to the peer-to-peer network, then this one has to be fastest user workstation. Make sure that this option is selected, only if the installation of Enterprise is done on the server, which is also serving as the workstation computer. Another possible situation could be, if the installation is done on the terminal server along with the software as well as company data, which is stored on the remote computer
  • I am not going to use the QuickBooks on this system, but the company file will be stored here, in order to ensure that we are able to share it over the network. This system is going to be the server typically. By choosing this option, QuickBooks Database Manager will only be installed, and it won’t require any kind of additional license for user
  1. Keep on following the prompts you are getting on screen, until the installation gets complete.

If an error is received by you while you are rebooting or installing the system, get in touch with our QuickBooks tech support team.

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