Integrate Hubspot with QuickBooks

Hubspot is a software platform that easily makes you available with marketing, sales, and service software. This will help you to build your business more efficiently with zero compromises.

Why do we need to integrate Hubspot with QuickBooks?

The prime benefit of Hubspot QuickBooks integration will give you is that it will help you to synchronize your HubSpot with QuickBooks contacts.

  • Hubspot report on online invoices

Hubspot helps you to prepare customized reports for your business and sales. To see this report on your dashboard, you need to purchase the enterprise HubSpot account.

  • Easily create and share invoices

After the integration, it directly creates your invoices from Hubspot. As Hubspot supports many currencies, it will be easier to create invoices for both foreign and local customers.

  • Customized Report

QuickBooks online invoice helps you with the HubSpot workflow. The new invoice deal includes all the details of the purchaser. And you can easily customize bill amount, invoice recipient, the number to recipient, etc. in the Hubspot QuickBooks integration.

  • Automation with workflow

The new invoice properties allow you to set up a workflow. It will send automatic notifications to customers and also, send special messages too when necessary.

  •  Transparency of report on QuickBooks

This will ensure full transparency of the income generated by you in the firm between you and your manager.

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Process of Installation

Here is a step-by-step approach to installation and integration procedures. Hope this will make the process easier:

Step1: In HubSpot account, click on the Marketplace in the navigation bar, and select App Marketplace.

Step 2: On the upper right side, click on Visit App Marketplace.

Step 3: Using the available search bar look for QuickBooks integration. Hover your mouse over it and click on View integration.

Step 4: Click on Connect App and sign-in with your QuickBooks Online details

Step 5: When the app is connected, it will be recorded in your Connected Apps segment.

Step 6: You can associate various records by exploring the Marketplace symbol in the navigation bar. Under Manage, select, Connected applications.

Step 7: Select the QuickBooks Online option, and click on Connect QuickBooks account. You can likewise detach your record by choosing Disconnect.

Steps to Synchronize Data with QuickBooks

You can synchronize your QuickBooks Contacts through the accompanying advances.

Step 1: To start with, you should create the contact in Hubspot CRM.

Step 2: Then create a company in Hubspot.

Step 3: Create a deal after that.

Step 4: Then add the products in the new deal in Hubspot.

Step 5: You can now update the deal, company, and contact.

Step 6: Finally, attach the company and contact to the deal.

Adding up online invoices in QuickBooks into HubSpot will help you stay informed about the invoice journey of your clientele.

If at any moment you feel disconnected with the process mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact us with LIVE CHAT team.

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