E-Commerce has become an essential part of every business and enables a business to be more flexible with its location. Shopping Carts are essential part of every ecommerce business. They store the data of the user and are the path that connect the user to the payment gateway and to the vendor they are buying from. You might recognise these carts from some E-commerce website. The option ‘Add to Cart’ sends the desired product to a virtual cart from where you can make your payment.

Before selecting a shopping cart you must check its compatibility with your requirements. You should check the design, marketing features, quality of support and most importantly security. Some shopping carts also offer the ability to add meta tags for better search engine optimization. Also, check for the payment method; whether it’s a one time fee or installments.

You will need an additional toll along with QuickBooks installed in your computer for integrating QuickBooks into your shopping cart. We are giving an example with T-Hub.

Below is the method to Integrate and use shopping cart with QuickBooks-:

  1. Link your website and QuickBooks account with T-Hub.
  2. Now open T-Hub.
  3. Goto the Process Order Screen which shows all transactions from your website
  4. In the menu click on ‘download orders’ option and this will download all your transactions into T-Hub.
  5. Now you can just review your orders and select the ones that you want.
  6. Then click on the QB option in the menu above. This will initiate the process of sending your transaction data to QuickBooks. In T-Hub you will be able to find a processing status column in which once the data has been processed the light will turn green. This green light is an affirmation that, that particular transaction has been sent to QuickBooks.
  7. Click on the green button to view the sync status. This tool will also assign a reference number to each transaction for corroborating easy search and better organization.
  8. Click on the reference number of the transaction and a QuickBooks window would open up with the information of the transaction.
  9. Run T-Hub Automator and it will automatically send all your transactions to QuickBooks.

There are several other tools available that can be used as an alternative to T-Hub, like eCC and Order Manager. These tools specialize in supporting different types of hosting service providers.  You would be wondering how to get support for these tools. These tools will provide you with support through their websites. You can even find ways to contact them through their websites. Research well before choosing the tool that you would want to use.

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