Numble and QuickBooks Online: Streamlining Business Operations with Seamless Integration

Imagine having your customer relationship management (CRM) app seamlessly integrated with your financial accounting app. Every customer interaction and transaction would be automatically logged into QuickBooks, eliminating manual entries and reducing errors. This integration benefits both your sales and accounting teams, providing a unified view of your business operations.

Real-World Scenario Example of Numble and QuickBooks Integration

Lucy, a small business owner, struggled with managing her customer data and financial records. She used Numble for her CRM needs and QuickBooks Online for accounting, but the lack of integration between the two apps caused significant problems.

Whenever a sale was made, Lucy had to manually enter the transaction details into QuickBooks. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors. Reconciling accounts became a daunting task, as she had to double-check every entry and correct any discrepancies.

After integrating Numble with QuickBooks Online, Lucy’s workflow improved dramatically. Sales data from Numble automatically synced with QuickBooks, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Lucy also integrated PayPal with QuickBooks Online to automate payment recording and Fishbowl with QuickBooks Online to manage her inventory.

Challenges that QuickBooks Online and Numble Integrations Solved

  • Eliminated manual data entry of sales transactions from Numble to QuickBooks
  • Reduced errors and discrepancies in financial records
  • Streamlined account reconciliation process
  • Provided real-time visibility into sales performance and financial health
  • Improved collaboration between sales and accounting teams

Benefits of Numble and QuickBooks Online Integration

The integration of Numble and QuickBooks Online offers several key benefits for businesses:

  • Automated data synchronization: Sales data from Numble automatically syncs with QuickBooks, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.
  • Time savings: Eliminating manual data entry saves significant time for both sales and accounting teams, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Error reduction: Automated data synchronization reduces the risk of errors and discrepancies in financial records, providing a more reliable view of the business’s financial health.
  • Real-time visibility: With the integration, businesses have real-time access to sales and financial data, enabling better decision-making and faster response to changes in the market.
  • Improved collaboration: The integration fosters better collaboration between sales and accounting teams, as both have access to the same data and can work together more effectively.

Integration Options

There are several ways to integrate Numble with QuickBooks Online, each with its own pros and cons:

OptionEase of UseCostFeaturesSupportSecurity
Native integrationHighLowLimitedHighHigh
Third-party appsMediumMediumExtensiveMediumMedium
Custom developmentLowHighTailoredLowHigh

Native integration is the simplest option, offering a direct connection between Numble and QuickBooks Online. Third-party apps provide more features but may require additional setup and costs. Custom development allows for a tailored solution but requires more resources and technical expertise.

Integration Guide

To integrate Numble with QuickBooks Online, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare for integration:

    • Create a QuickBooks Online account and ensure you have admin access.
    • Back up your existing data in both Numble and QuickBooks Online.
    • Set up the necessary permissions for the integration.
  2. Choose an integration option:

    • Select the integration method that best suits your needs (native, third-party, or custom).
    • Configure the settings and map the fields between Numble and QuickBooks Online.
  3. Implement the integration:

    • Use the APIs provided by Numble and QuickBooks Online to establish the connection.
    • Here’s a basic example of using the QuickBooks Online API to create a customer:
      import requests url = "{companyID}/customer" headers = {     "Authorization": "Bearer {accessToken}",     "Content-Type": "application/json" } data = {     "DisplayName": "John Doe",     "PrimaryEmailAddr": {         "Address": "[email protected]"     } } response =, headers=headers, json=data) print(response.json()) 
  4. Test and validate the integration:

    • Check the data quality and ensure that information is syncing correctly between the apps.
    • Resolve any errors or discrepancies that may arise during the testing phase.
    • Verify that the integration is functioning as expected and meeting your business requirements.
IntegrationPermissions RequiredOptionsCost
NativeAdmin access to both appsDirect connectionFree
Third-partyDepends on the appVarious features$10-$100/month
CustomFull access to APIsTailored solution$1,000+

Alternative Integrations

In addition to Numble, there are other CRM apps that can integrate with QuickBooks Online:

  • Insightly: A CRM that focuses on project management and customer interactions.
  • HubSpot: An inbound marketing and sales platform that helps businesses attract, engage, and delight customers.
  • Nutshell: A user-friendly CRM that simplifies sales and customer management.
  • Zoho CRM: A comprehensive CRM that offers sales, marketing, and customer support features.
  • Salesforce: A powerful CRM that provides a complete view of customers and helps businesses grow.

And if you’re interested in productivity, check out our post on tips to get speed up QuickBooks Online workflow.

IntegrationEase of UseCostFeaturesSupportSecurity
InsightlyMediumMediumProject managementMediumHigh
HubSpotHighHighInbound marketingHighHigh
Zoho CRMMediumMediumComprehensiveHighHigh


Integrating Numble with QuickBooks Online streamlines business operations by automating data synchronization, reducing errors, improving collaboration, and providing real-time visibility into sales and financial data. By following the integration guide and considering alternative options, businesses can choose the best solution for their needs.

To learn more about how Numble and QuickBooks Online integration can benefit your business, contact our team for a free consultation. We’ll help you identify the most suitable integration option and guide you through the process.


Q: What data can be synced between Numble and QuickBooks Online?
A: The integration allows you to sync customer information, sales transactions, and invoices between Numble and QuickBooks Online. This ensures that your financial records are up-to-date and accurate.

Q: Is the integration secure?
A: Yes, the integration uses secure APIs and follows industry-standard security practices to protect your data. Both Numble and QuickBooks Online have robust security measures in place to ensure the safety of your information.

Q: How often is data synced between the apps?
A: Data is synced in real-time or near-real-time, depending on the integration method you choose. This means that any changes made in one app will be reflected in the other app almost immediately.

Q: Can I customize the integration to fit my business needs?
A: Yes, custom development options allow you to tailor the integration to your specific requirements. You can work with our team to create a bespoke solution that meets your unique business needs.

Q: What support is available if I encounter issues with the integration?
A: Our team provides comprehensive support throughout the integration process and beyond. If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to our support team, who will work with you to resolve the problem and ensure the smooth operation of the integration.

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