Introduction to Reports in QuickBooks

There are several pre-created reports in QuickBooks that can be customized to present information in the desired manner. These reports can be emailed automatically. Here is how you can create the customized reports.

  • Go to the Reports Page
  • You can learn to customize the profit and loss report as an example. To effect this go to the Home Screen. Now click on the Reports tab which you will find on the navigation bar on the left.introduction-to-reports-in-qb
  • Now open the profit and loss report.
  • Start with the regular Profit and Loss report.

Here is how to use the Customization options

  • You will know is that there are several ways to customize your reports. You can try several options and see how they affect the report. It is not necessary to save the experiments but it will help you to understand the Customization better.
  • With the help of the information which you have been entering in QuickBooks you can create reports.
  • Go to the Navigation Menu and then choose Reports and then All Reports. Select Review Expenses & Purchases.
  • You can find out on which customers you spend the maximum money on. Click Expenses by Vendor Summary.
  • Select Customize.
  • Categorize by Total
  • Go to Sort By and select Total in descending order. Select Run Report.
  • The vendors you have spent maximum money appear in the report.

There are many more details related to QuickBooks reports. If you want more help call the 24*7 QuickBooks support number and speak to the customer support.



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