intuit announces QuickBooks Solopreneur - Check plans and pricing

Let’s dive into the latest from Intuit – they’ve just rolled out QuickBooks Solopreneur, and it’s pretty lit for all the hustlers flying solo in their business ventures. And I’m pretty sure, it’s going to have a pretty good integration with QuickBooks Online, Mailchimp, TurboTax, and other Intuit products.

Here’s the lowdown, so you know exactly what’s up, no cap!

QuickBooks Solopreneur: The Ultimate Sidekick

Who’s It For?

Imagine you’re a lone wolf in the business savannah, navigating the wilderness of finances, taxes, and invoices. QuickBooks Solopreneur is your trusty sidekick, designed specifically for the solopreneur superheroes without a cape but with a calculator.

What’s the Big Deal?

Picture this: an arsenal of tools so powerful, managing your finances feels like playing a video game where you’re always winning. From connecting bank accounts to tracking every mile you drive for business, this platform turns the chore of financial management into a breeze.

Features That’ll Make You Go “Wow!”

  • Banking Without the Bother: It’s like having a financial butler at your beck and call, connecting your bank accounts and sorting your transactions with the sophistication of a British spy.
  • Mileage Tracking on Autopilot: Ever wish you had a personal assistant to note every mile you travel for business? QuickBooks Solopreneur is that assistant, automatically tracking your journeys and ensuring every mile counts towards your tax deductions.
  • Invoicing That’s Almost Fun: Create and send invoices that are so professional, your clients won’t believe you’re a one-person show. Plus, with real-time tracking, you’ll know exactly when to send a nudge or a thank you.
  • Tax Time, Less Taxing: Imagine if tax season felt like just another day at the office. With tools that categorize your expenses, track your mileage, and even prepare your tax returns, that’s the reality QuickBooks Solopreneur offers.

Extra Juice on the Inside Scoop

  • Everywhere You Go: Whether you’re at a coffee shop or on a mountain top, as long as you’re in the U.S., QuickBooks Solopreneur is there on your mobile device or online, keeping your business moving forward.
  • Financial Wizardry: With the power to automatically separate your personal and business expenses, provide insights, and even track your progress towards goals, it’s like having a financial wizard in your corner.

QuickBooks Product Showdown

This isn’t just about choosing a financial tool; it’s about choosing your destiny. QuickBooks Solopreneur stands tall among its peers, offering a tailored experience for the solo conqueror. Whether it’s invoicing with flair, banking that feels like a VIP lounge, or insights that light the way to success, Solopreneur has your back.

  • Invoicing & Payments: Not just any invoices, but custom, pay-enabled invoices that make getting paid as easy as sending a text.
  • Banking & Expenses: A free QuickBooks Checking account with all the trimmings – no fees, high-yield savings, and instant payment deposits.
  • Insights & Reporting: Real-time dashboards that don’t just show data but tell you the story of your business.
  • Taxes & Bookkeeping: With automatic categorization, mileage tracking, and even tax filing capabilities, it’s like having a personal tax preparer on demand.

Here’s more information for better comparison:

Sure, let’s lay out the comparisons in table format to give you a clear view of how QuickBooks Solopreneur stacks up against QuickBooks Money, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and QuickBooks Simple Start across various features:

Sales Features Comparison

FeatureQuickBooks MoneyQuickBooks Self-EmployedQuickBooks SolopreneurQuickBooks Simple Start
Invoicing (pay-enabled)
Invoicing (non-pay enabled)
Quick requests
In-person payments (QR code, payment link)
Auto-sales tax with sales tax report
Partial payments
Accept cards, ACH
Accept PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay
Turn on/off payment methods on pay-enabled invoices
Customer list and management
Automatic reminders
Recurring payments
Subscription payments

QuickBooks Checking Features Comparison

FeatureQuickBooks MoneyQuickBooks Self-EmployedQuickBooks SolopreneurQuickBooks Simple Start
Business checking account + debit card
No minimum balance or monthly fee
Free same-day deposits with QB Payments
Free ACH transfers in/out to external accounts
Virtual card
Automated sales tax envelope
“Build your own” envelope
Automated payroll envelope
Mobile remote deposit capture (mobile only)
Instant push (original credit transaction) to external account
Wire transfer in
Auto provision card to Apple/Google Wallet (mobile only)
Money movement & withdrawal limits

Insights and Reporting Features Comparison

FeatureQuickBooks MoneyQuickBooks Self-EmployedQuickBooks SolopreneurQuickBooks Simple Start
Overview tab with money-related insights
Aggregate data across multiple accounts
Cash flow history & trends
Cash flow projections & planning
Payment processing history & trends
P&L and business reporting
Balance sheet/financial statements

Tax and Bookkeeping Features Comparison

FeatureQuickBooks MoneyQuickBooks Self-EmployedQuickBooks SolopreneurQuickBooks Simple Start
Categorize business vs. personal transactions
Receipt attach
Receipt capture
Mileage tracking
Self-employed focused income/expense tracking (single-entry accounting)

Wrapping It Up

QuickBooks Solopreneur isn’t just another financial management tool; it’s your financial management superhero. Designed for the solo entrepreneur who’s juggling it all, this platform gives you the power to manage your business finances with confidence, insight, and a bit of magic. It’s not just about surviving the solopreneurship journey; it’s about thriving, growing, and reaching new heights.

Need more tools tailored for solopreneurs? Read our post on the best tools for single person businesses.

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