The Intuit Data Protect (IDP) is an important utility in Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working Backup Failed . It is compatible with old QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and the versions afterwards. It safeguards the important financial data of the user with the help of advanced encryption standards. With this, you can protect your data against possible loss, corruption or damage.

However, some users has complained of facing the Intuit Data Protect has stopped working automatically issue while taking QuickBooks Desktop data file backup with Intuit Data Protect. In this blog, we will provide some easy methods to resolve the Intuit Data Protect not working (intuitdataprotect.exe) issue, once and for all.

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Simple ways to fix the “Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working or Failed to Backup” error on your computer

Solution 1: Update IDP and QuickBooks Desktop

The Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working error message may come up at times due to using outdated versions of QuickBooks Desktop application and IDP. Therefore, once you get the Intuit Data Protect not responding error message, update to the latest version of both the QuickBooks Desktop and Intuit Data Protect. After successful upgrading, back up your QuickBooks file data again with IDP. If you are not able to back up, follow the next step.

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Solution 2: Add IDP Files to the list of exceptions in Windows Firewall

Allow Applications to Communicate Through Windows Firewall
Allow Applications to Communicate Through Windows Firewall

You may get the ‘Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working’ error if the Windows Firewall is blocking the access of IDP to the internet. In that case, you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

Intuit Data Protect EXE File
Intuit Data Protect EXE File
  • Press Windows + R. The Run menu will appear
  • Type firewall.cpl in the command box and press Enter.
  • From the pane on your left, click Allow an app through Windows Firewall .
  • Now click Allow Another App 
  • Navigate to the Program Files (x86)\ Common Files\ Intuit\ Data Protect folder.
  • Select QBIDPservice.exe 
  • Click Open.
  • Click Network Types and check the box named Private.
  • Click Add 
  • Now follow the same steps to add the IntuitDataProtect.exe and IBUenghost.exe files.

Solution 3: Add Intuit Domains as Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer

You may also get the ‘Intuit Data Protect no longer working’ error if the addresses of Intuit Domains and websites are not added as a trusted site in Internet Explorer settings. Here is how you can add them-

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools
  • Click Internet Options
  • Click the Security tab
  • Go to Trusted sites
  • Click on the Sites button
  • Enter the URL of the following Intuit sites and domains**-
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

    **Please note: After adding these sites, make sure to uncheck the checkbox named ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone’. Else, you will get the error message QuickBooks has detected a problem with your data file” while taking backup.

  • Click Close to finish

Solution 4: Check & Verify if the IBuEngHost.exe Process is Running under the System User

IBuEngHost EXE File
IBuEngHost.EXE File
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open Task Manager 
  • Go to the Processes tab
  • Scroll down to find out the IBuEngHost.exe process.
  • Check the user name listed against the process.
  • If the process is running under the  Windows User, you need to reinstall the  Intuit Data Protect from a Windows administrator account.

Solution 5: Check the Company File Name you are Trying to Backup

At times, you may get the Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed error if your company file name is not conforming to the specified standards.

  • Make sure the file name  does not have more than 260 characters
  • If it has 260 or more characters, rename the file
  • Try taking the backup once again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the causes of the Intuit Data Protect has Stopped Working error on your computer?

This error may be caused by one or more of the below-mentioned reasons:
1. Using outdated versions of Intuit Data Protect  or QuickBooks application
2. Websites related to Inuit or  IDP are not marked as ‘trusted sites’ in the internet settings of your computer
3. Your Windows Firewall may not be allowing IDP or QuickBooks to connect with other sites through internet, because of security reasons
4. The version of Mocrosoft.NET installed in your computer may be corrupted or outdated
5. The address of the IDP server is not added into the list of trusted web addresses in your Internet Explorer settings.
6. The name of the company file is not kept as per specified standards.
Using incorrect login credentials for IDP

What are the benefits of updating the QuickBooks Desktop version?

Here are some of the benefits of updating the  QuickBooks Desktop application.
1. Ensuring improved security of your crucial data.
2. Ensuring better performance of the QuickBooks app on your system.
3. Fixing certain bugs and issues ( such as the ‘Intuit Data Protect has Not Responding’ error) in the system
4. To avail certain enhanced features introduced by Intuit from time to time.

How to Remove Intuit Data Protect?

Before proceeding with the instructions below, make sure QuickBooks and Intuit Data Protect are both up to date.
1. Remove Intuit Data Protect from the Startup folder.
2. Stop all IDP processes.
3. Rename the Intuit Data Protect folder
Restart the system if necessary. Intuit Data Protect should no longer start, or you can begin the process of moving IDP to an other computer.

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