Invoice Formatting Issues with QuickBooks

QuickBooks software is an efficient software that can effectively tackle all sorts of accounting activities of the business ensuring even most complex tasks can be handled without requiring much interference from the user. It is outfitted with innovative and much needed features as well as tools that ends up completing all the required financial needs efficiently. User is ensured of authenticity of the result generated as the tasks are completed automatically by the software.

Another benefit of QuickBooks is that it requires minimum interference from the user that in turn ensures limited scope of errors. However, despite the software being so powerful and careful to avoid errors, it is highly unrealistic for one to not expect any malfunction from the software. One such error that is faced by the user is related to invoice wherein the formatting of the invoice is not correct and moreover, user is not able to send required attachments with the invoice.


One case of above mentioned issue was tackled by Intuit certified QuickBooks expert and is detailed as follows:

The user was having difficulty with the formatting of the invoice for couple of days before approaching the QuickBooks support team. The user has already setup their invoices prior to sending it on a later date, however when the due date came to send the invoices out, the formatting of the form was all wrong with line spacing being a big issue. He was not able to adjust the line spacing and thus had to send them out in unformatted manner. Another problem arose when the user was further having problems in integrating the required attachments wherein the customer in user’s end contacted regarding the documented proofs. When connected with reliable experts of QuickBooks software, user was advised to create a PDF version of the invoice and then forward it to their customers individually. The resolution was not appreciated much as it was time consuming.


In response to the issue, customer support informed the user that they understand the issue and have passed on the required details to their engineers who will further work  on the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible. They were advised to contact the phone support of QuickBooks customer support team who are equipped with tools through which customer can be added under specific notification list and will be duly informed one the error is resolved. As for the attachment issue under Invoice, the problem could be that the box against Attach to email is marked to incorporate attachments with invoice.

For any further queries and issues with QuickBooks it is advised to connect with the Intuit certified QuickBooks tech support team that are trained and experienced in handling all kinds of QuickBooks problems swiftly

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