Invoicing Customers in QuickBooks

Creating Customers

  • Click on the customer’s menu and then go to customer center by choosing it from the drop down list.
  • Now choose “New Customer & Job” and click “New Customer.”
  • In the name field enter the customer’s name. In the additional information field provide all the needed information such as contact number, address, the fax number and any other information that you would require to trap the customer.invoicing-customers-in-qb
  • You can also add notes related to customer in the records.
  • There are other records that you can add such as Customer Record. But click on each and enter the necessary information there.
  • Now click next to add another customer or just click OK.

Steps for Invoice Setup

  • In the Customer’s Menu find and select Sales Receipts
  • Now select the Customize Button and click on Manage Templates.
  • From the list of templates click on each template until you find a suitable one and then click OK.
  • Now click on Copy button available in the Manage Templates window where and then provide a new name for the template in the space provided in the Template Name text area.
  • But now choose customize and then choose Customize Design and Layout.
  • Select Customize Data Layout and after that Basic Customization.
  • Now tick mark the Use Logo box and pick up a logo. Click open the image.
  • In the Company & Transaction Information section update information that you want to add or remove. Click OK
  • You can customize information with the help of Additional Customization feature.

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