Keeping QuickBooks Up To Date

There are several points to keep in mind if you want to keep QuickBooks up to date.

  • When you use QuickBooks with multi-user permission, the other users can access the company files using the version of QuickBooks they are using.
  • They can do it from their computer and they don’t need to operate it from the same computer.
  • In case they make some changes the update we not occur. Everyone has to use the same version of QuickBooks in order to ensure the records are updated.keeping quickbooks up to date
  • It is also important to update the QuickBooks. Everyone using the QuickBooks to access the company files must update the QuickBooks.
  • You must always ensure that the software is updated.
  • You can also update it by clicking on Help available at the top window. Then select Update QuickBooks.
  • As now Automatic Update is on which books will keep updating itself as an event updates are available.
  • However if an update is required immediately you must first save a backup of the work done. Now click on the Update Now button. It is possible to share this update with the other members using the software.
  • To do this check the share download box.
  • The download location will change. The new location will be Public\Documents folder up. Always remember that this is the folder that was given to everybody right to access when it was shared.

If you have more queries you can get in touch with QuickBooks support team which is available and active all through the year. You can reach them anytime whenever you need any sort of technical assistance.



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