Reporting in QuickBooks is like nitro boosters in a Bugatti Veyron. QuickBooks, which is already a powerful accounting software, combined with its Reporting functions can offer you real time analysis of your business through the data you record and store in it. On top of all this QuickBooks enables you to customize reports. This way you can tailor reports according to your needs and requirements.

A build report is used to record the items and assemblies required to manufacture the final product. Making a Bill Of Materials(BOM) is as easy as pie in QuickBooks. QuickBooks enables you to even personalize build reports. This you may do with the aid of Custom Transaction Detail Report.

After building the assembly you can add additional details in it. Follow the steps given below:-

  1. Goto Custom Reports in Reports.
  2. Click on Transaction Details. Transaction Detail,as the name suggests, enables you to add details about the components of the transaction.
  3. Click on Filter and a drop down window will appear. On this click on account.
  4. Then select ‘Inventory Clearing’, and below it mark Yes for ‘Include Split Detail?’
  5. Goto the Display tab in the same window and remove all columns you don’t need. You can also add columns in this tab. Make sure to add a column for quantity, item name and type.
  6. A Zero-Sum Check enables you to add a custom item.
  7. Create a Clearing Account to add these checks to. A clearing Account is a account in which you can record transactions on a temporary basis. Later you can transfer these temporary recorded transactions to some permanent account.
  8. Choose a filter for Clearing account and mark Yes for “ Include Split Detail?’
  9. Add columns in this as well by going to the display tab for the Clearing Account.
  10. You can then Print this report, if you are using QuickBooks Enterprise. It will directly print the items used in that particular build with just a single click.

After customizing, all your items will be set to be used in Reports. This will offer better analysis of your manufacturing and build activities and will help you in cutting down cost of building your manufacturing product. There may be other ways that might do the same trick so be on the lookout for those.

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