How to Use Memorizing Transactions in QuickBooks?

While recording the transactions every day in QuickBooks you will come across a lot of them that occur often like debtor’s payments, checks, purchase orders and others. To record these types of transactions again and again you can memorize the transactions in QuickBooks and then use it any time. If you want you can also schedule QuickBooks for reminding you about such recurring transactions.


For memorizing a recurring transaction follow the following steps.

  • For memorizing any transaction enter it, but do not click OK or Next. If there are field that will have different data then leave those field blank.
  • Choose Edit and then go to Memorize transactions or press Control M.
  • Give a name to the memorized transaction so that you can understand it later.
  • You have to input required information in the memorize transaction like next date to enter, frequency of transaction and so on. Once done click OK.
  • Click Save and then close the window to memorize the transaction. If you want to continue with memorizing with another transaction click Save and then Next.

These steps are for memorizing transactions that can be automatically entered.

For using memorized transactions that cannot be automatically entered are

  • Choose lists and go to memorized transactions
  • Then double click on the memorized transactions that you will be using for entering data.
  • Once the window open make the necessary changes or do any additions.
  • Next click on Save and close if you are done and if you want to continue click on save and next for continuing with recording more transactions.

To get detailed information contact the technical support team of QuickBooks. Dial the toll free QuickBooks support phone number and you will be able to get complete guidance on all matters related to QuickBooks.



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