Navigating and Customizing Report Data in QuickBooks

Any software is useful for the management as it provides necessary information to them. Even in QuickBooks you can create necessary reports to support your management team.

However, for presenting the data you may have to customize them and for that you need to launch and navigate through the QuickBooks system.


Here is how you can do it.

  • First launch the system. Once done click on the ‘reports’ menu. Now, select a particular category on which you want to customize your report. For example if you want to customize Profit and loss account, choose that.
  • For setting the font, right click on it and set the size and the style of the font. If you have completed selecting the font, then click on Ok. Once you click on Yes you can apply this font on all the reports.
  • If you want to customize the header and footer then click on that particular tab. make necessary changes by entering the information that you want to display there.
  • Next you need to choose the layout. For this you can choose the general layout options that are Centered, Left, Right or Standard.
  • Next for customizing the report, click on ‘customize reports,’ and choose from the filters available. You can add text to each field for customizing the labels. Click OK and you are done.
  • For choosing the date range of your report, click on the ‘Dates’ menu and click OK. If you want to save that particular report, click memorizes and enters the name. Then click on Save on the memorized report group for saving it.

For getting help or any kind of support related to customized reports or nay other topic get in touch with QuickBooks support team.



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