Navigating Inside Each Centre in QuickBooks

When a business is starting, you may not have enough knowledge about the complex accounting process. With the help of QuickBooks you can easily understand these processes as it the whole process is categorized into different centers that will allow you to manage your accounts efficiently and gather necessary information.


  • In QuickBooks, each process is organized as different centers like the Vendor center, Customer Center, Company center, Employee center and of course the Banking center.
  • In each center you can handle transactions related to those centers and also search information quite easily.
  • Next you can search required information based on these centers even if you do not know the exact terms.
  • For looking into information about your employees you can browse through the employee center and gather necessary data.
  • For searching details about customers you can check the listed link that holds their name.
  • To know in details about vendors you can click on the vendor tab. You can find out how much is paid to them and how much is due.
  • From employees tab you can manage the employees. If any employee has left your concern you can delete them.
  • For all transactions related to banking you can visit the banking center and find out what is the income generated by your business. You can even access various registers in banking center.

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