New Features of QuickBooks 2019 (Pro, Premier & Enterprise)



Employee pay adjustment history in reports now (New Feature) at QuickBooks Desktop 2019

If you change rate for any employee on their paychecks you can see on a specific report and you can check difference in percentage. This is one of the few updated features of QuickBooks Desktop 2019.

  1. Changes to user security and roles with QuickBooks 2019.

    Now we can have specific area restriction to people who are not supposed to see any specific report, history of payments etc.

  2. Now you can apply credit if it belongs to another client. You can transfer credit to another job now.

  3. Now we can recommend people to do condense data file with your QuickBooks desktop 2019

    We had this feature earlier as well but Intuit never recommended to condense data file but now we can do it.

    New option shows clean Audit Trial which can reduce data file size by 50% or more.

    Audit trail takes lot of space, now QB would remove all data from audit trail.

    • How Do You Want to Condense Your Company File?
      We can help you to reduce your QuickBooks company file size. Don’t Worry, we keep a backup of your company file. Choose the best option for your company: Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date
    • Your file size will be reduced by about 32% (10 MB).Remove the transactions you select from your company file. Choose the transactions you want to remove.
  4. Now we can import IIF files to multi user mode.

    QuickBooks would show which line is not imported and why, We can fix it, we have a team in Intuit who can help us.

    import iif files in quickbooks
    import iif files in QuickBooks

    Features: Process of importing lists or data into QuickBooks that has been offered for many years. Enhanced IIF importing, authenticates the data to be imported. Makes a file of records that cannot be imported, letting the user to troubleshoot the issues and import the modified records distinctly. IIF import supports both lists and transactions.

    Important: Its recommended, importing any data into QuickBooks needs an expert level of knowledge about how each of the data components being imported is used by QuickBooks. You can avail QuickBooks technical help on LIVE chat as well or Call to above phone number.

  5. In invoice we have see history option on which you can see status of merchant services

    like when viewed/paid and deposited.

    Included With: QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2019 & QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0.

    Features: Real-time invoice status identification. Single, consolidated view of invoice status includes tracking:

  6. Move QuickBooks to another computer new feature. QuickBooks copies company file and setup of QuickBooks to specific pen drive which is password protected.

    Go to second station, Plug pen drive and you should have option to install QuickBooks and get files copies on that station.

  7. Now customer would get email why Intuit Data Protect is not working and why backup is not happening which was not happening earlier.

    quickbooks backup not completed
    QuickBooks backup not completed
  8. QuickBooks for Mac 2019 would be available. Below new features in 2019 Mac.

    • Reconciliation Discrepancy Report: Finds changes made to reconciled transactions
    • Import from Square (Payment Gateway): Now it’s easy to import sales data from Square via use of .csv file type.
    • Past Due Stamp on Invoices: Showing a “Past Due” stamp aids you detect these invoices so you can take action and lessen delayed collection of dues.
    • User passwords required now in QuickBooks Mac 2019: Now its compulsory. Personal data is encrypted.

Hope you like the QuickBooks 2019 features, if you have any questions, must ask at our LIVE CHAT or call at our toll free phone number.



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