Opening and Closing an Existing Company File in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks you can access different company files that already exist. When you open QuickBooks you can open an existing company file. Assume that the company file on which you want to work is closed and then for opening it you will need the current QuickBooks software.


After opening QuickBooks if you do not find any Company Open window then there are several ways in which you can do that.

You may follow the steps below to do that.

  • Open your QuickBooks and then click on the Open or restore button. Next you need to select Open a company files and click on Next.
  • Select the company file that you want to open or you may browse the folder where the company file exists and click on open.
  • In the select a company that is already opened by you, you have to double click on the company file. You also have to click open list.
  • You will find that your company file is open and then you can start working on it.
  • If by chance nay wrong company file is opened you can close it and open the correct file on which you want to work. For this you have to choose file and then click on open company. Follow the method mentioned previously where you have to select the company which you want to open and proceed.

It is simple yet if you want any sort of assistance you can get detailed information from QuickBooks customer service help desk.

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