Paying Bills in QuickBooks

After entering the bills in the QuickBooks you have to pay them. You can do that easily by following the steps mentioned.


  • Go to home screen and select vendors. There select the Pay bills tabs.
  • On the pay bill screen you will find the Payment account. From the options available choose the appropriate account to which payment is to be made.
  • Next you need to choose the mode of payment. Like if you want to pay by credit card, choose credit card, if you want online transfer or checks, choose checking.
  • However, if you have already printed checks for payment you may skip this step.
  • Next, you have to choose the date on which the payment is to be made and to be shown on the bill.
  • For this first choose the bills for which payment is to be made. Now, choose the date on which payment is already made or is to be made.
  • Again at the end of the screen you will find the method of payment for paying the bills. Here, mention whether you wrote the check by hand or need to print it out. In case of online payment you can mention that too.
  • It’s time to review the detail that you input. Now, you can click on Pay bills available at the bottom end of the screen.

Following these easy steps you can surely complete payment. However for further assistance you can get in touch with QuickBooks customer service number available on our site. You may also chat with our technicians on the website.



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