Paying Vendor Bills in QuickBooks

You can make payments to a vendor and also edit the Payment details through the Pay Bills windows. It is possible to change the payment account and the method of payment while you are recording the   payment in QuickBooks. Pay Bills Window can be used to make one-time payment if you deal with a vendor once or make payments multiple times if you deal with a vendor regularly.  After a payment record has been created in QuickBooks the payment record is visible in the Accounts Payable register.

  • Go to the “Vendors” menu and then choose Pay Bills to open the Pay Bills window.
  • Click on the radio button that appears to “Show All Bills” in the section named Show Bills to see all the bills. Select “Due On Or Before” button to check the bills from a selected date.
  • Tick mark the box to select the vendor you want to make payment to. You don’t need to enter the due amount as QuickBook will automatically enter it in the “Amt. To Pay” column.
  • Choose the Date to select the payment date for the bills.
  • From the drop-down box under Method option choose the Direct Debit as the payment method.
  • Now, click the Account drop-down box and from there choose the account through which you want to pay a vendor.
  • Now, you can save the payment record for the vendor by clicking on Pay Selected Bills. After this click Done visible on Payment Summary dialog box that pops up.

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