Payroll service is an add-on application that can be easily integrated within QuickBooks software in order to help easen the payroll processing and activities of the user. These activities are generally related to the salary and incentives of the employees. The software also helps to handle payroll taxes that need to filed and paid for. These taxes are also related to the various aspects and professional background of the employees of the business. Filing and paying for accurate required taxes is imperative in order to avoid penalties or tax fine. Although the software is one of the best accounting management solution available in the market, it is as susceptible to errors as any other powerful software out there. At times this interference within the process is caused by the third party applications like payroll subscription.

Payroll integrated within the QuickBooks

This can either be subscribed from third party or the user can opt for Intuit payroll service. Integrating both Intuit established QuickBooks and Payroll Service is generally recommended as they in turn consist of similar interface and settings making the process of integration smooth and swift. However, this in no way guarantees smooth sailing throughout, as the payroll subscription has its own set of codes which are vastly different from the coding demographic of QuickBooks software. This results in few common errors of which one of the most interfering errors is of ‘Overdue’. One user complained about this error to expert QuickBooks professional and garnered following resolution


The user wanted to know how he can clear overdue status in the payroll without hasling through the process of according duplicate checks. At the time of performing payroll tasks, the QuickBooks software showed an error and closed down on its own. Once the error was resolved and user was able to log back in the software, they automatically performed the paycheck process through Direct deposit method. The problem, however, cropped up when the status against Create Paycheck showed no change and the scheduled payroll status against Pay Period also showcased ‘Overdue’. In order to clear this error of ‘Overdue’ without going through the whole process of generating duplicate paychecks, the user contacted the customer support of QuickBooks and was relieved of the error by providing solution as illustrated below.


The customer support team member informed the user that the status of ‘Overdue’ can be changed easily and guided through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the QuickBooks software integrated with the payroll service and click on ‘Employee’ tab from the main menu bar.
  2. Next click on Payroll Center from the menu and then on Pay Employee option. Under this click on the specific Payroll Schedule.
  3. Next from the drop down menu of Payroll Schedule select the option of Edit Schedule  in order to update the end date of the pay period as well as the paycheck to future date.
  4. Once the process is complete, click on OK to save and close.

The  above steps ensure that the ‘Overdue’ error is resolved successfully without needing to create duplicate paychecks. However, if the error is not resolved then it is better to connect with the QuickBooks tech support team who are trained to handle these kind of errors and are able to resolve them within stipulated time period.

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