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Welcome to the privacy policy of! We value your trust in us. Thus, our primary objective is to remain to strive to maintain the security standards to keep your data safe. We recognize the significance of the privacy of user’s information. The below document is rounded up with our privacy notice. Through this document, we will disclose who we are, our sources of the information gatherings, why we collect your data, dissemination practices, and other legal protections. So please read the below statement to get the awareness of our methods and protocols while protecting your information. Our privacy policy is subject to change at any time, even without notifying you. Hence please read the policy periodically. 

The policy document is a part of the online taxes professional Tax preparer user agreement and online taxes user agreement. Therefore, you are supposed to give a click on the “I agree option”. It provides the confirmation that you read the content, understood, and agreed to the terms and techniques we are using. 

We are liable to perform any modification in our privacy policy with the enhancement in the technologies, new items, products, services, etc. The privacy statement is beneficial for all surfers including both web users and visitors who never used our services. ( A third-party service provider) assure you that we are using secure and advanced security parameters to keep your data protected. The privacy policy contains an in-depth description of all the terms related to our data usages. For us, our user’s data privacy is a priority that’s why we are always committed to finding better and efficient techniques to enhance data security. 

No worries about your data privacy! We assure you are in safe hands because we use advanced security algorithms and paradigms. We never disclose your information to any third-party resource unless any serious situation takes place. The example of such circumstances is in case of any legal process, enforcing our important terms and conditions, or in protecting our property and rights, etc. 

We might access the information provided by you during registration or updating data. The main purpose of the collection of your basic address, name, or other details is to boost the transparency and accuracy of our communication. We use the information for your benefits, data analytics, and administrative objectives. It helps us to provide you product specifications according to your interest.

Walk through the below sections of the privacy policy to get awareness related to our methods of data collection, safety measures, applied security methods, and more. 

Information on Children: is a general audience website! All content, services, and programs are intended for users ages eighteen and older. We understand the significance of protecting children-based privacy across the digital world. Thus we never knowingly gather the information from children younger than 13 years as needed by United States law. If detected, we will instantly delete the data collected in our database from the children. Hence if you are a parent or guardian and found that your children have disclosed any personal data to us, reach us at out contact form. Moreover, you can explore detailed information about COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) at

Where do we collect information?

Voluntary Registration:

Some information we may collect when you voluntarily perform registration on the website or the time you request services. For instance tax preparation services. This information includes email address, name, and date of birth, social security number, credit card details, telephone number, or mailing address. Additional information gathered by us when you start using our services, communicate with us via the phone number, live chat, or email. Such data may include bank account, credit scores, tax return information, credit history, or related to IRS fillings. We also collect your username along with your password during the signup process.

 Contests or Surveys:

The website may publish contests or surveys for upcoming festivals/events/occasions. The main objective of this survey is to provide you the chance to win rewards or discounts on our website. In case you ever participate in these contests, we may request you to share certain information regarding the participation. However, you have the right to deny disclosing information. It generally includes details such as shipping address, full name, or zip code.

Passive collection:

We ( as third-party service providers, we may implement several advanced technologies to gather specific information from your site automatically. For example, IP(Internet protocol), type of browser you are using, referring pages, Internet service provider, viewed article on our website, Operating system, clickstream date for analyzing trends and traffic.

Recognition Technologies:

We may use recognition algorithms to collect your information. It includes setting statistical probability to the collected users or device data sets. The recognition techniques may attempt to collect data about multiple devices to make assumptions and in determining the user.

 Dynamic Number Insertion:

DNI (Dynamic Number insertion) referred to technology for call tracking. It is used for attribution to the inbound phone calls. It runs through the embedded scripts. Dynamic number insertion is used to dynamically display the number in each component of the website. Moreover, this technology permits tracking platforms with ease of identifying the caller through phone numbers.

Embedded Scripts:

An embedded script is a programming code specifically developed for gathering information about website interactions. It includes the links you click on. This embedded script code gets downloaded into the device temporarily and enabled only when you use the website and deleted thereafter.

Browser Fingerprinting:

It is the information collected from your system or devices like plugins, operating systems, system fonts, and many other data. It is used for the identification objectives. An entity-tag is an inbuilt feature in the browser cache. It is generally helpful for the device identifier.

Mobile Data:

We may gather information through the various mobile applications installed on the smart device when users use the mobile application to use our website or services. These may belong to third parties, so it is highly recommended you read their privacy notice. The main objective of using such information collection is to improve our product and services, and interactions. 

How do we use your information?

We follow the applicable law while using the collected information. Here below-jotted instructions to:

  • Deliver correct information and services that you have requested 
  • For maintaining the accuracy by comparing information and verification purposes
  • Provide, protect, maintain and improve our applications 
  • Better relationship with correct and right support activities
  • Performing internal site verifications and boosting the security, performance, and provision
  • To maintain regulatory or legal obligations.
  • Remediating, detecting, and investigating any crime, prohibited or illegal activities.
  • To keep our better connection, connect you to view whether you need to participate in customer research—for instance, feedback of services and products.
  • Determining and performing benchmarking and statistical analysis 
  • To carry out targeted marketing and advertising or providing relevant information to you.
  • Providing joint services and content with third-party applications like social media providers 
  • Transmit you with the location-dependent program and application, such as tailor-made content. It consists of confirming the particularized information from the connected system according to the service used. Recording geo-locational information helps us in fixing services and website complexities.
  • Gathering the statistical info-graphic related to the Operating system and other location-dependent services. Moreover, it assists in determining the website activities like applications, services, and various other features. 

What information do we gather?

We gather personal information about you through mailboxes, registration, using services, social media login, etc. We may acquire the required content for the registration or log-in or the social media provider shared with us. It includes name, email address, and more. The additional information we collect varies with the privacy settings applied with social media providers. Thus check the privacy policy of the selected service.

We may use the information you register or submit to us during registration. We are using such information according to professional standards and law. We may also use the details if you send us your CV or resume online. This information gathering is to offer you better suitable positions and job opportunities. 

Tax Returns:

When using software and service while preparing tax returns, we may collect your tax-based details. It may include personal information, social security number, income, address, dependent, or other financial data. This category of a method for collecting data is used to serve you the right service. Additionally, in case of any refund or claim related to any issue in the privacy agreement, you can modify the content according to the state taxing authority. They may hold your data till your account is active or according to the requirements. You can even cancel the request at any time. We may use your data according to the legal obligations or necessity, or through legal obligations, or resolving disputes.

Automatically Collected Information:

Our website uses advanced technologies to collect data automatically from the users. The vision is to collect the relevant user information and analyze the trends. It in turn results in enhancing website effectiveness and online presence.

 IP addresses

An IP address is termed as a unique number assigned to the system for accessing the internet. It lets the computer and servers interact. We gather our visitors’ IP addresses for the IT security, performance analysis, and diagnostics objectives.


 The cookies are the text file embedded in any internet-enabled device to monitor the user’s online visit. It is used in the website to store the system and its particular objectives. Cookies are collected in many forms. Here is the list of cookies categorization:

 Performance cookies:

 The data collected by performance cookies is to enhance website performance. It includes various measures like browser setting updates with preferences option or menu button to disallow cookies.

 Functionality cookies:

We may use the functionality cookie to store the user’s selections to improve the site appearance.

 Advertising cookies:

Advertising cooked is termed as targeting cookies. We may use this type of cookie to assist you with preference-based content. It helps us to find out the user’s interest and their particular choice of items. This functionality is used for effective marketing techniques. In case you deny the consent of the targeting cookies it will stop tracking your usage and activities. You can set the browser setting to automatically accept the cookies. Also, you can choose to select the mode of cookies i.e. a consent banner or browser settings.

 Google Analytics:

We use Google Analytics cookies to analyze the website, services, and applications. The generated information by the cookie may include the IP addresses, browser type, Operating system, etc. We usually use the data to track the website activities such as conversion rate, session time, page session duration, and more. It helps us to provide users the preference-based data. You may deny the use of cookies with the browser settings. Please note down if you do this, you may not be able to use the website’s complete functionality.

Web Beacons:

A file in an image format that is added to the website to gather the particularized content from the system is known as a web beacon. The data comprises IP address, browser type, and cookies. We implement the web beacon functionality with applicable laws. The primary reason is to monitor the statistical details and cookie management. You can even deny the web beacons connected with cookies. When rejected, it does not store the cookies-related data but never stops recording the device’s IP address.

We may monitor some sort of recipient activities such as email, newsletters, or other interaction sources. The main aim is to enhance user experience by determining correct user preferences.

 Live Chat:

We believe that a live chat is an integral medium for a better customer experience. Hence, we inbounded a live chat feature on the website to directly connect in real-time from the website. It, in turn, assists you in solving all the concerns instantly.

We may collect email addresses, phone numbers, names, or other basic details from you for the consent of providing better recommendations and offerings. We ensure that we never lease or sell your personal data to any third party without your permission. We may use the information taken from you via feedback, ideas, or suggestions for the purpose of future modifications of our product and services.

Links to Other Websites:

Our website might contain other websites that are not owned or controlled by us. Thus it’s your responsibility to review the privacy policy of the link you are using. We are not responsible for any privacy strategies of such other links. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of any external link carefully and accordingly provide the information. This privacy policy is intended for the only information gathered by fastfix247.

The website may contain social media links to let you redirect to the login page associated with the chosen link. So before registering, check its privacy policy. We may use social media platforms to gather your personal details. You are liable to deny us doing the same with privacy settings. So make sure you have done privacy configurations and managed your personal information. If you log in into another website without logout, signify that you agree with the policy statement of the website you are accessing. So carefully share your details after reading the privacy agreement of the same. 

 Your California Privacy Rights. service providers) follows the two laws, the California Financial information privacy Act & the federal Gramm-leach-Bliley Act for California-based users. Therefore, all the California residents with respect to CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure) have the right to ask us about the detailed description of the collected information. They are free to request a specific category of the data we gathered, right to request the deletion of the particular information that we store. We adopt the CCPA act of 2018 while describing the terms and collecting data. You can contact us via contact section to opt for such a request or contact over the phone.

We’re Not Affiliated with Any Brands: is a third-party service provider managing finance and account-related terms. As the internet surfer we respect online privacy. We continue committed to safeguarding your data while you are using our website. We transparently confirm that we are not affiliated with QuickBooks and SAGE. The affiliated links generally help to get a paid commission with a click. Our dissemination practices and information gathering for this website are described clearly on the website. We may gather data through cookies or web beacons and some automatic methods. The collected information includes platform types, number of clicks, exit page, etc.; we do these to boost communication, analyzing trends, and demographic details.

If you find any link while reading any blog or using services, we are not responsible for that website’s privacy concerns and practices. We strongly encourage you to carefully analyze and read each term of their privacy before sharing any details.

Withdrawal of Consent by You:

you can withdraw your privacy consent at any time. You have the right to revoke the consent without affecting the processing lawfulness. We are not taking responsibility for the withdrawal of the third-party privacy policy consent. Hence if you ever use the link provided on the website, make sure you review their privacy statement to know about withdrawal protocols. If you revoke your consent, we assure you that we will store your minimum information like full name, phone number, notes, and references

Further Information:

If you have any questions regarding the above privacy statements or need to know in-depth about your right under local law, please write us at our contact section.



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