Process of Setting Up Customer Profile with QuickBooks

Using QuickBooks for financial management and day to day monetary transaction record keeping has always been a convenient experience. This financial management software is used quite extensively by individuals as well as organizations. For organizational uses, it offers multiple account creation and accessing facilities. The best part about QuickBooks is that it is simple, convenient and effortless to be used. You can create customer profile with this software. A business has unique relationship with each customer. Thus, creating customer profiles helps managing things with more perfection. For doing this, the below mentioned steps are required to be followed:

  • The first thing is logging in to the QuickBooks account from your business administrative profile. Creating customer profile is only available for the administrator profile, unless administrator has awarded the same right to a particular other profile or user.
  • After login, you shall be driven to the dashboard of QuickBooks, where you shall find various options under the top menu bar.
  • From this menu bar list, you need to click on the Customer Type List. You can add new customer or you can consider editing profile of a customer by click on that.
  • You shall be taken to the customer profile page, where you can add photos, basic details and other information about customer.
  • You can make certain information hidden from other users, as per your requirement.

The process is simple and following the aforementioned steps will surely help. Call customer support center for QuickBooks for more details on this regard.



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