Process To Submit Time & Mileage Against Jobs On QuickBooks

For a job time and mileage tracking is considered as crucial. It helps business owners to track revenues, expenses and overall budgetary allocations for the job. Being an effective financial management tool and transaction recording software, QuickBooks can be used for this purpose by the business owners. This is one of the highlighted features of QuickBooks, providing options for project based finance tracking and management to an organization. In order to track time and mileage, and to enter these details in QuickBooks, one needs to follow the steps that are mentioned below:


  • Login to your QuickBooks account, entering login credentials, like username and password carefully. Once you login, you shall be directed to the QuickBooks dashboard.
  • At dashboard, you shall find some listed menu at the top side of the interface. Go to this menu toolbar and find ‘Company’ option. Now, choose Enter Vehicle Mileage from the Company menu bar.
  • Now, a dialogue box will open up, and you shall be asked to enter effective date of the mileage rate at the area where space has been provided. Enter the effective date carefully.
  • Now, carefully enter rate of the job at the Rate column, which shall be found right beside of the ‘Effective Date’ column.
  • When these things are done with accuracy, click on ‘Close’ to close dialogue box. Your changes will be saved automatically.

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