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10x QuickBooks Online Speed with these Amazing Features

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through customizing your QuickBooks experience. We’ll cover everything from customizing the left navigation panel to transactions, app integrations, and keyboard shortcuts.

Customize Left Navigation Panel

Customize left navigation in Quickbooks online.

The left navigation panel takes a lot of real estate and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But luckily for us, Intuit introduced customization features to both choose and reorder the options. You can publish the options with the checkmark beside them and drag to reorder the items as per your preference.

Enable or disable options at the left navigation bar and quickbooks online.

Bookmark the frequently used options so that you won’t have to scramble around the whole app to discover it. Each user can customize his or her own experience.

Include the most important tools and lengths in the bookmark option in left navigation of QuickBooks Online.

Customize Business Overview

Customize business overview and QuickBooks online to view the most important metrics and reports.

Need to quickly look at the financial position of your business? Head to the business overview for a quick glance at key metrics and reports. You can resize and move these cards around. You can pick and choose the key metrics based on your preference. As a small business owner, you might want to stay on top of cash flow, profits, and open invoices.

Use the privacy toggle in Quickbooks to hide sensitive data.

These widgets offer a modular design, something like a bento box. If your office is small and you’re worried about someone trying to steal data sneakily behind your back, use the privacy toggle to hide all information.


Yes, but transactions in Quickbooks to import a large number of transactions at once.

Sometimes you might need to import a week’s worth of transactions downloaded from payment services. You can download the file in CSV format, but entering these transactions one by one will eat up your whole day, or even the whole week.

To quickly get them out of your hair, format the file in a specific format, and then use the batch transactions option to import the CSV file into QuickBooks online. You can then verify and save all these transactions at once.

Extend QBO with App Integrations

Quickbooks online may have integrations with mailchimp payroll and QuickBooks payments.

QuickBooks has its own app store featuring more than 1,000 apps that can extend the functionality of the accounting software. Since you have a B2B business, which requires a subscription, you’ve integrated Stripe with QuickBooks. Ecommerce businesses can link their Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and Etsy accounts so that any transaction is automatically imported into QuickBooks online.

Quickbooks app store with 1000+ apps.

To align your sales and finance teams, you can integrate HubSpot, Salesforce, Method, or any other CRM solution that you are currently using. And of course, the native integration with MailChimp is the most amazing thing that happened to your marketers.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks online has some pretty nifty shortcuts. Feeling crushed by all these menus? Let’s cut to the chase with shortcuts that will have you flying through forms and data.

Control Option ICreate a new invoice
Control Option WWrite a check
Control Option ENew estimate
Control Option XEnter a new expense
Control Option AAccess the chart of accounts
Control Option FAccess global search
Keyboard shortcuts to speed up QuickBooks Workflow.

But the most important of these shortcuts, the one to rule them all, is Control Option Question. You’ll get a list of all available shortcuts.

Integrations for Efficiency

Our experts can help you with accounting and operations automation by integrating your current apps so that your team doesn’t have to waste time on manual data entry.



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