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In QuickBooks Pro or Premier version, you can record a maximum of 14500 items and names to the items list.  Once you contain the required number you can no longer generate new files on the list. If anyone tries to create items more than 14500 numbers on the item list there might happen an error.  When QuickBooks no longer accept any new entries create a frustrating situation.  No worries! The below write-up will teach you QuickBooks 14500 solution.

How to Tackle the Item Limits in QuickBooks?

There are multiple methods to resolve the issue of reaching the limit of an item. There are mainly two methods available to fix it. One is creating a company according to the existing file and then transferring the files including vendor and customer through the export method. This permits you in refreshing items or the list of items that are not in use or free the file size.

Method 1- Create the company file and transfer file:

Step 1- Open the QuickBooks :

  • Click on Create Company from Existing Company File
  • Choose the file you are using and make a name for the new company file

Step 2- File export:

Now start exporting the data using IIF transfer. Here are the steps to export .IIF Files in QuickBooks desktop:

  • Initially sign in to the company file with an Admin credential
  • Make sure the user is in single-user mode
  • Click the main file option
  • Select Utilities and then click export
  • Click on the IIF Files option
  • Check the field just next to the list that you export
  • Hit it and then click the OK tab
  • Click Export windows
  • Choose a drop-down option and click saves in
  • Click on the location you need to save the.IIF File on the desktop
  • Below is the file application of a field name
  • Initially remove or delete with an asterisk(*)
  • Next, enter a file name
  • Select IIF Files(*.IIF) for the used file type
  • Hit Save button
  • Click OK
  • View the exported files:
  • Initially locate the file location
  • Now search the exported file and give a right-click on it
  • Select Open with option
  • Click MS Office Excel sheet
  • If it permits to get the Window and then converted into a text file
  • Hit Next button
  • Click “Next tab” and then click the Finish tab
  • How would I edit an exported file in QuickBooks?
  • Initially open the .IIF File
  • Now open MS Office Excel
  • Below is the main file option
  • Hit open it
  • Choose the location with the saved file .IIF file
  • Choose all files below the file
  • Click .IIF File and then hit Open
  • Select Next option, click the Next button, and then the Finish tab into the Import Wizard
  • It will prompt .IIF into the MS Excel

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Method 2- Merging Items:

  • Firstly create QuickBooks company file backup for archive objectives
  • Verify the item list for the items you need to merge and those you require to keep. 
  • Now either note the item name you require keep or modify the item name to stay on the list
  • Locate the item you need merging into the selected item and double-click on it
  • The QuickBooks will prompt the dialog box named Edit item
  • Enter the item name to the item name or Number field
  • Now copy and paste the function to decrease the requirement of excess typing and errors
  • Once you modified the number/Item name
  • Hit the OK button to save the change
  • Now QuickBooks Desktop will prompt a warning message with the existing name and which ask you would like to merge the items
  • Hit Yes

Help is One Step Away:

Here the post came to an end! Hopefully, the information with QuickBooks 14500 solution is helpful. Now start implementing the methods to resolve the issue. In case you need to know more or further inquiries then get connected to the QuickBooks expert team. Use a live chat, phone number, or email address to reach the professional team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few questions that are frequently asked by our users.

  1. What If I need to export files in QuickBooks Desktop point of sale?

    Hit File option
    Select Utilities and then click the Export button
    Click Inventory Items from the Data Export Wizard
    Hit Next
    Fill in the required data in the below fields:
    Begin exporting data to row
    Choose destination file
    Write records to
    Click “Choose an export template”
    Choose “default inventory template”
    Hit Next button
    Check the data and then click Export

  2. How would I verify IIF File export error?

    Choose Review now option
    Search error to view the file with the issue
    Fix the issues and then click the Save tab
    Choose Yes
    Now close the window named File not exported
    Export the corrected file

  3. Can I increase the QuickBooks desktop limit?

    Yes, there are multiple methods to enhance the QuickBooks Desktop limit

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