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In this blog, we will discuss one common issue related to emails in QuickBooks, That is faced by many QuickBooks users like: warring QuickBooks is unable to send emails due to network connection failure or unable to connect email server.  When using webmail in QuickBooks Desktop you may receive an error stating that the email server could not be reached. Yes, you guessed it right! We will discuss QuickBooks Couldn’t Connect To Email Server: How to Fix this Issue.

We will also provide certain easy solutions to this issue, with a step-by-step approach. Just go through this blog, implement the steps mentioned herein and get rid of the QuickBooks unable to connect to email server issue.

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Why You Could Not Connect to Email Server in QuickBooks?

You may experience the QuickBooks could not connect to email server issue while using webmail through QuickBooks Desktop. After you enter your Email Id and Password, you may see the following error message popping up on your screen –

QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server
Screenshot – QuickBooks Could Not Connect to Email Server

Also, you may simply find the error message like –

QuickBooks was unable to send your form for the following reason:
QuickBooks was able to connect to the remote server but could not understand the server’s response. Please try again to see if the problem has been corrected on the server. If the problem persists, contact QuickBooks LIVE CHAT.”

Please note that you may experience this error mostly while using Yahoo mail.

Common Reasons that Cause Server Connection Error While Sending Email

Here are some of the most common reasons QuickBooks could not connect to the email server.

  • You may not be able to access the internet. Make sure your computer isn’t running into any issues.
  • QuickBooks can show server connection error if your email is not properly configured.
  • You have entered the wrong email address or password.
  • An update has been released for your QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • QuickBooks is not connecting with the email server.
  • When QuickBooks experiences any errors with Windows, it doesn’t send emails without permission from the admin.

Simple Solutions to fix the QuickBooks Couldn’t Connect to Email Server Issue on Your Computer

Here are some simple solutions to fix the QuickBooks is unable to send emails due to server issue or network connection failure. best results, please make sure to carry out the solutions in the order specified here-

Solution 1: Update Your QuickBooks

Please follow the below-mentioned procedure to update QuickBooks to the latest released version:

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop application
  • Navigate to the Update to the Latest release page.
  • Please check if QuickBooks Product is selected. If not, go to the Change link and select QuickBooks product.
  • Now, click the update tab.
  • Then click on update file.
  • After completion, select Setup automatic updates. It will set QuickBooks to download and install all the latest updates automatically in future.
update quickbooks desktop
Update QuickBooks

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Solution 2: Check Your Webmail Preference Settings

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Go to the Edit menu
  • Choose Preferences
  • From the pane on your left, click on Send forms option
Preference Settings
  • Go to the My preferences option
  • Select the email account you are using
  • Now, click the Edit tab
  • Click Preferences
  • The edit email info screen would appear. Go to the SMTP Server details section and enter the relevant details.
  • Now navigate to the email provider settings and enter the relevant details in the setting the server name and port section.

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Solution 3: Reset Your Internet Explorer Settings to Default

  • Open Internet Explorer,
  • Click Alt + T to open the Tools menu. Or, you can click the gear icon as well.
  • Now go to Internet options.
  • Click on the Advanced tab, and then on Restore Advanced Settings.
Internet Options
  • Click  OK,
  • Lastly close the browser.

Solution 3: Assign Windows User the Admin Rights to Run QuickBooks with Admin Rights

Here are the detailed instructions for adding a user with administrator rights on Windows.

Please Note:

If you find out that your outgoing mails are being blocked by the antivirus installed in the system, you may consult the anti-virus provider or an IT professional. At times, you may get slightly different messages, related to the same issue. In these cases, you may try the below mentioned solutions –

  • If you are  getting the error message “You are not connected to the internet or your firewall is blocking the connection error”.
  • Open the Internet Explorer and try opening any web site.
  • If you are  getting the error message “Your email server settings are incorrect”.
  • Please check if you have the correct settings, by implementing the steps mentioned in Solution 2 above.
  • If you are  getting the error message “You entered an incorrect email address or password”.
  • Try logging into your email through the web browser and please make sure that your log in Id and passwords are correct.
  • Try to login to your email through web browser and make sure your login credentials are correct.

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In this blog, we tried to share all the information you need related to the QuickBooks couldn’t connect to email server issue. We hope, after going through the blog and the steps mentioned therein, you will find it easier to troubleshoot this issue on your own. If you are still not able to get rid of this issue, or, if you experience any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, we recommend you speak to our experts.

Important: Out-of-date and corrupted email software are the two of the most common issues that can prohibit you from sending and receiving email from your webmail profiles. If you’re an admin with several users reporting issues, you also should check for service issues with mail clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I Change Email Settings in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Type your account credentials and click the Sign in option. Select the Profile tab. Go to the Email address section and click on the Edit tab. Type the new email Id & password. Lastly, choose the Save icon.

  2. I have an issue; my email issue says – We couldn’t connect to the mail server you specified. Please check that you have the right address. My QuickBooks not connecting to server. What to do?

    The cause of the error message “We couldn’t connect to the mail server you specified. Please check that you have the right address” This is due to the result of misconfigured mail settings. Both POP and IMAP settings are enabled, as evidenced by the screenshot you gave. We recommend disabling POP settings and setting the Allow devices and apps to use POP option to No, then resetting your account to see if the same error appears.

  3. How do I set the default email in QuickBooks?

    Please follow the below-mentioned steps-
    1. Go to the menu bar & Click Edit.
    2. Select Preferences.
    3. From the panel on your left, click Send Forms.
    4. Go to Company Preferences and set the email as default.
    5. Click Yes on the pop-up.
    6. Click OK.

  4. How do I fix QuickBooks cannot connect to email server error. It seems connection server failed (outgoing mail server)?

    When you cannot get mail the connection to the server failed, your ISP or network’s firewall is blocking connections to the outgoing mail (SMTP) server of your email service, that’s why your QuickBooks cannot connect to outgoing mail server. Check with your ISP or network administrator to see whether you may use a different SMTP server for your POP or IMAP account.
    If you have one, enter the address of an alternate SMTP server in your account settings.
    1. Select Accounts from the Tools menu.
    2. Select the account in the Accounts dialogue box’s left pane.
    3. Enter the server’s name or address in the Outgoing server box.

  5. My QuickBooks email won’t connect to server; how do I fix? 

    If QuickBooks not connecting to server, the reason for this is that your email server is down. The solution is to make sure the mail server is up and running. If you were able to login to the account previously, the mail server may be down. To see if the mail server is available, contact your email provider or network administrator.

  6. QuickBooks Could not connect to Exchange server, is there any way to solve this problem?

    When a server isn’t reachable, we use the internet domain name system to determine whether its IP address can be found (DNS). Because the server’s name could not be resolved, let alone reached, it was most likely written incorrectly. This server name was not located on the internet, indicating that it either does not exist or is only accessible via a private network.

  7. I unable to open email anymore when using QuickBooks. It couldn’t log on to the incoming (IMAP) server. It says – Please check your email address and password and try again.

    Restart your email client and disable the add-in that caused the problem before restarting it. Make sure you restart, disable, and restart any add-in that was previously enabled with Email Client. More than one add-in could be the source of an error.

  8. On which Versions of QuickBooks can I use Secure Webmail?

    You can use secure webmail only if you have the latest QuickBooks versions. The following versions of QuickBooks facilitate connection through a secure webmail-
    1. QuickBooks 2017 – Available in R5 and later versions, only for Gmail users in the U.S.
    2. QuickBooks 2018 – Available only for Hotmail/live & Gmail users in the UK, U.S.  & Canada
    3. QuickBooks 2019, 2020 & 2021 – Available for Yahoo mail, Gmail, AOL, Windows mail, Hotmail etc.

  9. I can’t email it says – QuickBooks error connecting to server. please try again. It seems QuickBooks not connecting to server.

    To fix QuickBooks error connecting to server, follow steps:
    1. Try a different email address. This is by far one of the simplest fixes worth attempting.
    2. Use a different network to connect.
    3. Make sure you’re using a VPN that won’t be blocked by QuickBooks.
    4. Delete the cache in your browser.
    5. Reset your DNS and flush it.
    6. Restart your modem/router.

  10. How do I change outgoing email address in QuickBooks desktop?

    Steps to changing outgoing email address in QuickBooks are: 
    1. Select Accounts and Settings from the Gear icon at the top.
    2. On the left panel, select Company.
    3. For contact information, click the pencil icon.
    4. Enter the new email address in the Company email section.
    5. Save and close the window.

  11. Why won’t QuickBooks connect to my email?

    Make sure you’re on the right product. Select the Change link if you need to switch between QuickBooks products. Once you’ve made a selection, select the Update button to download the update and Set Up Automatic Updates to learn how to set it up so QuickBooks automatically downloads and installs all future updates.

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