In QuickBooks, an expense report is used to store the detail of the expenditures of the employees. Hence for requesting reimbursements and itemizing expenditures employees usually prefer expense reports. You can get several numbers of company-specific data fields in it like date, account, subtotal, and a total of requested reimbursements, etc. This report comes in the list of essential components for business management as it provides you an overview of the spent money. The below article is rounded up with a guide with different methods to run expense reports in QuickBooks.

What to do When you Unable to Add Expenses in QuickBooks?

You do not require QuickBooks Employee Expense Report expense reports manually in QuickBooks. The application does it automatically for you in the reporting option. The system gathers the entered expenses information using QuickBooks. The expense reports provide you with a clear picture of the expenditures of the company. For accuracy, you require inputting the expenditures directly into QuickBooks. Below jotted is the list of steps to run the Expense report:

  • Locate the tab named Reports
  • Click on the Company and Financial button
  • Select the needed report
  • Click on the Expenses by Vendor Detail tab
  • Now give a right-click on the report to run it
  • You can view the overview of the different expenses of your company
  • If you need printing the report then hit on the Print tab
  • Now customize the printing properties
  • Once you are done then hit the print option again
  • Save the report as a PDF file

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How do You run Vendor Expense Reports on QuickBooks?

  • Login to the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit Reports section at the top of the screen
  • Click the Vendors and Payables tab
  • Choose Unpaid Bills Detail option
  • This will provide you access to all the unpaid bills in the business. However, if you need to get a closer look at specific expenses of the vendor then here are instructions:
  • Select the tab named Customize report on the unpaid bills
  • Click Filters tab
  • Now adjust the parameters to display Paid Status Bills

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How To Display Expenses on an Annual Basis in QuickBooks?

Verify the business processes on an annual basis with the below steps:

  • Open the Report menu
  • Click on the Find report by Name tab
  • Choose the option which says “Transaction detail by Account”
  • Hit Customize option
  • Click on the button named Filter to access multiple options
  • Select menu labeled Transaction Type
  • Hit Expense tab
  • Click on the Account option, choose the accounts you need to display the report
  • Choose tab named Run Report
  • Click the option labeled Record Period
  • Select “This Fiscal Year”/ “This Calendar year” tab
  • Hit button “Run Report”

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Once you are done with this you can hit the” Save customization” tab to save the report preferences. At last, you won’t have to make the same changes each time you receive the report.  Here are the steps:

  • Firstly access the section named Reports
  • Hit Custom Reports
  • Select the customized Report

Displaying Expenses in QuickBooks Desktop (Employee Expense Reports in QuickBooks)

In case you need to display the amount of money you pay vendors monthly then here are the steps:

  • Fill the menu named Reports
  • Discover and choose Expense by the “Vendor summary” tab
  • Hit on the option named Customize
  • Set the date range of the report according to the date of the bills
  • Choose the menu labeled Columns in the Rows/Columns option
  • Click on the Months tab
  • Hit on the button named Run Report


Hopefully, the above write-up named “QuickBooks Employee Expense Report” is helpful! Now you are known with the steps to run the expense reports in QuickBooks Desktop to keep your eye on your finances. If you need to explore more then get connected to the professional team. Taking the helping hand will help you in saving precious time and effort!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Common questions related to QuickBooks employee expense reports & more.

  1. How would I find the saved reports in QuickBooks Desktop?

    1. Click on the menu labeled Reports
    2. Hit the Custom Reports tab
    3. Find the report by its existing saved name

  2. Can I save expense reports monthly?

    1. When you run the report then hit the tab named “Save customization”
    2. Enter in the report name
    3. Select if you need to share the report with choose all users or users
    4. If you don’t choose either of the buttons only the report creator can have access to it
    5. Hit Ok tab

  3. What can I view in the Expense report in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Expenditure date
    Expense nature
    Charged expense amount
    The grand sum of the requested amount of reimbursement

  4. Can I view the paid bill of the company on the QuickBooks Desktop?

    Yes, you can see the paid bill of the company date-wise. (Read: Pay methods for employees Or contractors – How to pay employees in QuickBooks payroll?)

  5. What If I need to save the expense report?

    Click on the File button
    Hit the “Save as PDF” tab

  6. Can I run the expense reports according to the vendor on QuickBooks Desktop?

    Yes, the running process might be slightly different. You need to select Unpaid Bills details on the Vendor and Payable section of the report tab. (Read: How to Set Up Salaried Employees in QuickBooks?)

  7. How to enter expense reports in QuickBooks?

    To get expense reports QuickBooks is easy as per below steps:
    1. From the “Company & Financial” menu, click on the “Reports” menu and select the report you want to run. You can show income and expenses by selecting “Profit & Loss.”.
    2. To show the report, click the right arrow.
    3. Press “Print” to set your printing preferences.

  8. How do I keep track of expenses in QuickBooks?

    With QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can organize and track your expenses using built-in receipt scanning. Take a picture of the receipt and QuickBooks Self-Employed will match it with the expense. Receipts are readily available for filing taxes when needed. (Read: How to Delete an Employee in QuickBooks Desktop?)

  9. How to run QuickBooks expense report by category?

    You need to run a simple income report by category into QuickBooks as per steps:
    Click on the Reports menu.
    Choose Profit & Loss from the list.
    Choose Customize after you have opened the report.
    For Distribution Account, choose Income.
    Kindly confirm the report date is set up correctly.
    Then, click Run report.

  10. How to claim expenses in QuickBooks?

    In order to claim expenses in QuickBooks you need to review it as per below steps:
    1. Go to Banking or Transactions, then Receipts in QuickBooks. 
    2. Choose a receipt to review.
    3. Make any corrections that need to be made. 
    4. Click Next, then Create expense.

  11. How to find employee reimbursements in QuickBooks?

    Using the Transaction detail report, you can find out how much you owe your employee.
    1. Find Transaction Detail by Account by going to Reports.
    2. When the report opens, select Customize.
    3. Choose the range of your transaction in the Report period drop-down list.
    4. Choose the Group By drop-down, then Employee, from the Rows/Columns section.
    5. Choosing Distribution Account in the Filter area will allow you to choose the Employee 6. Reimbursement account and any liability account you created.
    7. From the Employee drop-down, select the employee’s name. Leaving this at All will show what you owe all employees.
    8. Then select Run report.
    Employee Expense QuickBooksAdd Employee Expense in QuickBooks

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