QuickBooks Enterprise version 2017 has been enhanced for troubleshooting accounting issues of the businesses. The embedded features in the software can smoothly handle the finance, payroll and HR functions of all sized businesses. The software offers maximum number of employees to access the software, managing inventory flow in multiple locales, recording the flow of transactions through streamlined tracking. The different tools and applications designed by outside agencies help to create customizable reports and give a clear picture of the business standard.

The QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0 application offers different tools that are stuffed with powerful features that help to maintain records contracts and stock left with the business. There are certain tools that are not in-built in the software. As per your requirement you have to integrate the add-on application for availing the features.

Advanced Inventory Tool

Advanced Inventory tool is an add-on product with QuickBooks Enterprise software. It is developed by Intuit specifically designed to handle the inventory over multiple locations and in different categories. This advanced inventory management tool is innate in the QuickBooks Enterprise software 2017 version. With this software the user gets relaxed about stock maintenance application. The user only needs to scan the stock and their matching serial number that QuickBooks Enterprise application automatically categorizes the stock under correct headings and reports. The software helps in creating barcodes for stock items if they are missing. For any assistance regarding the functioning of the tool you can call QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number. It will help you to connect with the efficient QB technicians who are experienced and knowledgeable.

Inventory Management Tool Benefiting with Features:

The user do not need to employ any other stock management tool as this add on tool integrated within QuickBooks Enterprise easily accords all the needed attributes with following being the main ones:

  • Barcode Scanning: Tracking and recording of the inventory becomes easier as the user needs to place the proper stock/inventory information according to the serial numbers of the items those are already scanned. QuickBooks integrated with Advanced Inventory tool collects the information and places it under correct category as and when the stock is scanned. It allows the user to print the barcode labels and for those items without barcodes created through QuickBooks Enterprise. It seamlessly syncs with the USB Barcode Scanner as well.
  • Monitors Serial Numbers: When the lot number of the products/items is entered after sale or purchase of the same, QuickBooks Enterprise software can easily track it through its time within the business.
  • Stock Management at Numerous Locations: With the implementation of the Advanced Inventory tool synced successfully with QuickBooks Enterprise software the user can easily follow the quantity of stock placed in the particular location along with matching sales and purchase order. QuickBooks Enterprise automatically informs the need of restocking for the particular location whenever required.
  • Transfer Stock to another Locale: The advanced inventory management allows the user to move inventory from one location to another if the inventory starts decrease with the increase in demand.

For more details on the Advanced Inventory Management you can contact QuickBooks Phone Support Number. The number connects to the QuickBooks expert team who assure complete support in a short time. Call to the toll free phone number + and garner the best QuickBooks Enterprise support services.