About QuickBooks Error 1603

Error Code:Error 1603Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:Error 1603: The update installer has encountered an internal error. QuickBooks error 1603 appears when users perform QuickBooks installation and updates in their system.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:An incomplete download of software leads to corrupt files, Corrupted Microsoft C++ & XML components.Applies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, Windows operating system got frezonPossible Solution:Downloading the QBinstallTool.exe file and try to run it, Repair or fix MSXML 4.0.

While installing QuickBooks there may be the chances that you may encounter some issues. Problems that you may face are instability, updating the QuickBooks as per the new release, problems while attaching the external data of the application with QuickBooks, flexibility while putting the patch release.

You may face Error 1603 if the Microsoft Installer file is damaged or may be due to the QuickBooks installation error.

If you are facing the error 1603 and unable to apply the patch, then you should immediately get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical support team.

Error Status 1603: The update installer has encountered an internal error.

Error Status 1603: Unable to apply the patch.

MSI returned 1603: Fatal error during installation.

A window that would read the following error message may appear on your screen:

“Install Error 1603: There was a problem installing Microsoft .NET Framework.”


“Install Error 1642: Error installing Microsoft .NET Framework while installing QuickBooks.”

Points To Consider Before Resolving QuickBooks Update Error 1603, Unable To Apply The Patch

The procedure given below will also help you out in resolving this issue, but before you proceed with that ensure that Windows 3.1 is uninstalled and reinstalled again.

Below given steps will help you in reinstalling Windows 3.1:

  • Go to the Window’s Start Menu and after that to Control Panel.
  • Now click twice on Remove and Add Programs. You will see the window of Remove or Add Programs gets open.
  • Go through the list of all the installed programs and confirm that whether the installation of Windows Installer 3.1 has taken place or not.
  • If the installation of Windows Installer 3.1 is done then tap on the Remove button and take the help from the instructions to remove the same.
  • After the installation of Windows 3.1 Installer is done, if does not get installed, then go to the page of Windows Support and get the Windows Installer 3.1 installed perfectly.
  • Once the installation of Windows Installer 3.1 is done get the QuickBooks update installed again.

In case you encountered any problem then get in touch QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code 1603?

  • There’s a locked company file.
  • Microsoft NET 1.1 SP1 installer is installed incorrectly
  • The installation process might not be getting permissions.
  • When your temporary folders get full, a Temp Windows notification appears.
  • Corrupt QuickBooks installation or Corrupted Microsoft Windows installer
  • An old version of QuickBooks is being used
  • Damaged Microsoft C++ & MSXML Components
  • Your operating system is out of date but you’re not using an updated version.
  • Partial installation or corrupt download of the software
  • System shutdown due to power failure
  • A recent software patch installed by QB may have corrupting effects on your desktop window’s registry.
  • System files may have malware or viruses that are corrupting your desktop windows files or QuickBooks related program files.
  • A QB related files has been deleted by a program

Fixing Of The QuickBooks Error 1603 Unable To Apply The Patch?

Here, we will consider some of the most effective ways to fix error code 1603:

  • Downloading the QBinstallTool.exe file and try to run it
  • Repair or fix MSXML 4.0

Solutions provided by us will help you in troubleshooting the issues you are facing, but in case you are unable to do the same by yourself, then without thinking twice just give a call to the QuickBooks customer support team.

Method One: Downloading The QBinstallTool.Exe File And Try To Run It

Steps to run QBinstallTool.exe file:

  • Try downloading the file size of 648KB of QBInstallTool.exe and make an attempt to get rid of the error.
  • Save the file on desktop and click on it twice, so that the tool may get started.

If the issue is still not resolved then

Method Two: Repair Or Fix MSXML 4.0

Below are the steps to Repair or fix MSXML 4.0:

  • Select the type of installation, if for installing the QuickBooks you opt for CD then:
    • By closing the QuickBooks window, if it’s open on the display, insert CD in the computer and
    • Then by following the instructions, start the installation of MXSML for your specific operating system

A. Vista Or Windows 7:

Steps for Vista or Windows 7:

  • Click on the Windows start button
  • Then in the search field put msiexec.exe/fvaul“D:\QBOOKS\msxml.msi” and click on Enter. If the letter of CD drive doesn’t match then get it replaced with D

B. Windows XP:

Steps for Windows XP:

  • Choose Run from the Start button of windows
  • Then in open or blank field put msiexec.exe/fvaum”D:\QBOOKS\msxml.msi” and click on the OK button

Error 1603 Applying Patch may appear due to various reasons, sometimes it may be due to the applications that are running in the background as the updation is going on. Through our step to step guidance, you will be able to resolve these issues immediately.

Method Three: Run the Install Diagnostic Tool from the Tool Hub

Step 1: Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub helps fix common errors. For the best experience, we recommend using Tool Hub on Windows 10, 64-bit.

  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. Download the most recent version ( of the QuickBooks Tool Hub. Save the file somewhere you can easily find it (like your Downloads folder or your Windows desktop). Note: If you’ve installed Tool Hub before, you can find out which version you have. Select the Home tab.  The version will be on the bottom.
  3. Open the file you downloaded (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to install and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. When the install finishes, double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to open the tool hub.

Note: If you can’t find the icon, do a search in Windows for QuickBooks Tool Hub and select the program.

Step 2: Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. In the tool hub, select Installation Issues.
  3. Select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. Let the tool run. It can take up to 20 minutes.
  4. When the tool finishes, restart your computer.

Method Four: Download & Install Windows Updates

To resolve the most common errors, you need to update your windows with the latest updates. To check for updates on your windows follow the steps below:

On Windows 10, 8.1 or 8:

  • Firstly Click on the Windows Icon, on your keyboard
  • After that go to the Settings
  • Now Go to Update & Security
  • Now Click on Check for Updates

On Windows 7

  • At first Click on Start Button
  • After that navigate to the Control Panel
  • Hit a Click on System & Security option
  • Press on Windows Updates
  • And then click on Check for Updates

Method Five: Repair Microsoft .NET Framework

  • In order to do this, you’ll need to visit Control Panel and open Programs and Features
  • Click the word Windows Features in the text box above
  • The .NET Framework can be found here. Double click on the line and you’ll see the information.
  • Check the .Net Framework 3.5.1 & 4.5 options if not already checked
  • Click on Uninstall a Program
  • When this warning pops-up, click Repair to restore the program and avoid a potential data loss.
  • Click on Repair and then Restart the computer
  • Check the .Net Framework 3.5.1 & 4.5 options again
  • Finally restart your computer system.

Method Six: Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft’s .NET Framework, which is a software component used by QuickBooks Software, can help you solve many errors. The trick is to execute this command right away if you come across any damage or missing components.

  • Open your computer and press Windows+R on your keyboard.
  • Type control panel in the dialogue box and hit enter.
  • Hit a click on Uninstall a Program
  • Using your list of processes in Affinity Pro, you will purge the Microsoft MSXML and C++ components from your system.
  • Reinstall the drivers and restart your computer system
  • Download and install the components again from Microsoft Website

In case the issue persists and you cannot fix it by yourself, then get in touch with QuickBooks experts. You can CALL NOW, as we are available for your assistance 24*7. We have carved a niche in the industry by serving our customers in the best possible way and are known for providing effective solutions for QuickBooks and related products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I fix error 1603 in QuickBooks?

    Error 1603
    1. Close QuickBooks and download the most recent version (1.5. …
    2. Open the file you downloaded (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
    3. Follow the on-screen steps to install and agree to the terms and conditions.
    4. When the install finishes, double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to open the tool hub.

  2. Could not be removed error code 1603?

    The error 1603 might occur on a computer system that does not have enough disk space to install the setup and store rollback files. This space is required on the root drive even if the setup may be installed to a different drive. Check that there is enough space on the root drive of the computer system.

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