The QuickBooks error 179 is a bank error that triggers when users try to access their bank accounts in QuickBooks. This failure of accessing account data might be because of several reasons like inconsistencies on reports, trying to enter wrong login credentials, missing transactions, or maybe balance sheets unable to respond to the accounts.

When this error message is thrown on the screen it locked the window and stopped users to download data. The below article is rounded up with a detailed explanation of the error and how to fix the QuickBooks error 179.

What are the Major Causes Leading to QuickBooks Error 179?

Temporary internet files and browser cache are the significant reasons that popup connection error 179 on the screen. Here is the list of other significant causes of QuickBooks error message 179:

  • The wrong bank is selected in QuickBooks to log in
  • If you entered incorrect login credentials mistakenly then there appears QB error 179
  • If you logged in to the bank account from multiple devices account
  • If the names are not recorded in the lists
  • Damaged QuickBooks company file
  • Enter incorrect login credentials
  • Reports inconsistencies like bills or invoices with negative values
  • Virus attack
  • Missing transactions
  • If the balance sheet reports failed to display all accounts
  • Fatal issue

What are The Things You Need to Consider Before Fixing QuickBooks Error 179?

  • Ensure you are not logged in the bank from other devices such as tablet or phone
  • Check the internet connectivity to make sure QuickBooks can link the banking server to reconnect the account.

How to Fix the QuickBooks Error 179?

Method 1- Delete the Browser cache & temporary internet files:

Here is the list of steps to clear temporary internet files:

  • Choose Tools button
  • Click Internet Options
  • Click on the tab named General
  • Below Browsing History hit on the Delete option
  • Now click on the check box next to the button named Temporary Internet Files
  • Hit Delete

Method 2- Check the Banking login credentials:

  • Launch the Internet browser
  • Locate the log in the online login window of the bank
  • Fill in the login credentials and then enter sign in tab
  • If you have successfully logged in to the QB account then follow the further solution
  • If you get a credential issue message then follow the instructions for password reset

Method 3- Update the Bank Account in QuickBooks:

Follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you need to run the QB desktop
  • Locate the Tools option
  • Hit online center
  • Next, select the financial institution
  • Choose the choice you need to select
  • Hit the Ctrl+F3 button simultaneously using the keyboard
  • Locate Online Centre
  • Choose option named “Contact Info” option
  • Now you need to refresh the financial institution
  • Next, you will view the profile info that appears on the system screen
  • It will prompt to update QuickBooks
  • Hit Update/Send tab
  • Write the password in the displayed window
  • After this, you require to update the account

Method 4- Fix Windows Registry:

Majority of the time the Bank error 179 happens due to a damaged Windows registry. You need to fix the issue through the below-given steps:

  • The initial step is to give a click on the Start option
  • Enter Command Prompt in the search field
  • Press Enter
  • Now write Regedit into the window named command prompt
  • Choose the error 179 based key
  • Now save the key information
  • Next, create a file
  • Give a unique name with .reg extension
  • Save it
  • At last, try to log in to the bank website
  • Verify issue is resolved


Here the article QuickBooks error 179 came to an end! Hopefully, the issue is resolved. If the issue persists then you have to wait for a minimum of 20 minutes to reconnect the account. If you face any error then give a call to QuickBooks professional team to fix it as soon as possible.  Use a live chat or send an email with a query!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How would I delete the Browsing history to fix QB error message 179?

    1. Initially open Google Chrome on the system
    2. Hit More option using top-right corner
    3. Click tab named More tools and then delete browsing data
    4. Hit the down arrow near the button “erase the following items from”
    5. Select period like past hour/past day
    6. Select the beginning of time if you delete everything
    7. Choose the information type you need to eliminate
    8. Hit Clear browsing data
    9. It will completely delete the browsing history
    10. Now login to the bank website to use QuickBooks

  2. What If I need to check the QuickBooks Banking login credentials?

    1. Open the Browser
    2. Browse the Bank online login page
    3. Write the login credentials
    4. Open the Browser
    5. Browse the Bank online login page
    6. Write the login credentials
    7. Click the button named Sign in
    8. Once you successfully logged in
    9. Then follow the basic troubleshooting steps
    10. Reset the password in case of any credential related error
    11. Click the button named Sign in
    12. Once you successfully logged in
    13. Then follow the basic troubleshooting steps
    14. Reset the password in case of any credential related error

  3. How would I resolve Wi-Fi network connectivity issues?

    1. Hit Start button
    2. Click Settings tab
    3. Choose Network & internet tab
    4. Now turn on Wi-Fi
    5. After this choose More options near Wi-Fi
    6. Click Show available networks
    7. If you see a network in the list then choose Connect
    8. Now open WIFI settings
    9. Restart the connection using the Turn on and off button

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