quickbooks error 6210 occurs when opening the company file how to fix

Triggering QuickBooks error 6210 is a common issue interrupting the opening of the company file. To fix this type of error you need to download updates. However, if still error persists then it might be because of misconfigured files or windows components. The below article is compiled with a troubleshooting guide to resolve the error message 6210 like a pro.

The QB error 6210 happens when you are using the multi-user feature in QuickBooks. The issue displays when you try to open the company file hosted on the workstation instead of the server in the network. The error message notifies that the company file is not available and afterword the QuickBooks frequently quit.

What leads the system to prompt QuickBooks error message 6210?

Walk-through the below causes of QB error 6210 when accessing QuickBooks:

  • Download files of QuickBooks are corrupted
  • Damaged QB installation file
  • Corrupted registry files in Windows
  • Malware/Virus infection
  • QuickBooks based software modification
  • Mistakenly deleted mandatory QuickBooks related files
  • Some QB and its extra options are not properly installed
  • Issues are encountered during QB installation on Windows
  • Missing .ND and Transaction log files
  • Windows firewall or security software is blocking QuickBooks from interacting with workstations across the network
  • If the user does not have the administrator rights on the server with the company file

What are the things you need to consider before fixing QuickBooks Error 6210?

  • Ensure that the multi-user is turned on QB system hosting the company file
  • Update the latest updates of QuickBooks
  • Start scanning the system with anti-virus & anti-malware to delete the infections from it.
  • Make sure the system hosting the company file is a server instead of a workstation connected to the network.
  • Temporarily turn off the third-party firewall or windows firewall before accessing the company file-enabled multi-user mode.

How to resolve the QuickBooks error 6210?

Method 1- Rename .ND & .TLG files:

If you are using single-user mode in QuickBooks then here are the steps:

  • Press Windows +E keys simultaneously to display Windows file manager
  • Locate the QuickBooks installation directory i.e. (By default QuickBooks gets installed in C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks or for 64-bit version C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks folder).
  • Search files with a name similar to a company file with.ND & .TLG extensions
  • Now give a right-click on the selected file
  • Choose Rename option
  • Enter .OLD at the file names end after the .TLG .OLD extension
  • Make a new folder on the desktop and then copy the company file using the installation folder to the newly generated folder.
  • Give a click on Run QuickBooks
  • Now use the newly created folder to open the company file

Method 2- Restart QuickBooks Database server manager(Using multi-user mode):

  • Open the Run dialog field using shortcut Windows+R
  • Enter Services.msc in the field
  • Hit Enter
  • Search the service named QuickBooks Database server manager from the list
  • Choose the service
  • Hit Restart from the left corner
  • Now restart all the services then attempt to open the QB company file

Method 3- Create a Sample company file on Workstation (Local storage):

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • It will appear window named “No Company Open
  • Hit “Open a sample file”
  • Choose any company file using the options tab
  • If the QB can open the sample company file without any error then you need to follow the further solution
  • If you face any error when opening the Sample company file then there determine corrupted QuickBooks
  • You need to first fix QuickBooks

Method 4- Locate server system to close all QB Processes:

  • Press the three keys Ctrl+Shift+ESC buttons together
  • It will open the Task Manager window
  • Now locate qbupdate.exe, QBDBMgr.exe, and QBW32.EXE processes and then click the End Task option
  • Give a click on Yes button appears on the confirmation display window
  • Now run the QB using Multi-user mode
  • Try to run the company file on the workstation system

Method 5- Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager:

Here are the steps to run QB database server manager to scan company files:

  • Hit Help option
  • Choose QuickBooks Tool Hub to fix setup & File errors to download the link
  • Once you download the QB desktop tool hub
  • Now open the download file using the downloads folder
  • It will display on the license Agreement window
  • Click Yes and then hit the Next button to proceed with the installation
  • After this hit QuickBooks Tool Hub from the icon
  • Click tab named Network issues
  • Choose QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • If the server system is not installed then it will display a window to install QB Database Server Manager
  • Now follow the steps for database server manager installation
  • Open it and then hit Start Scan
  • If the button named Start Scan is not highlighted then select browse
  • Choose the company file and then hit Start Scan
  • Now launch the QuickBooks
  • Open the company file once signed into it

Method 6- Use a clean installation tool to reinstall the QuickBooks:

  • To perform this ensure that you have taken the backup of the QuickBooks data
  • Now open QuickBooks Tool Hub by clicking on the icon
  • Locate the tab named Program Installation issues
  • Hit QuickBooks clean install tool
  • Click on the button labeled “I accept on the license agreement”
  • Choose Continue tab
  • Choose the QuickBooks version you are using and then hit OK


Hopefully, the write-up is enough for you to sort out QuickBooks error 6210 from the system. If still your system experiencing the same error then give a call to experts to know the exact core of the issue. It is always a smart decision to take a helping hand instead of rounding over on the same issue again and again. The professionals will assist you with the best suitable solution for you. Use a live chat/send an email/phone number to reach out to the team.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Can I fix the QuickBooks file doctor tool to resolve QuickBooks error 6210?

    Many times this tool is beneficial in fixing the error code 6210

  2. How would I update the QB desktop to fix the error code 6210?

    Open the QuickBooks Desktop
    Hit the Help button and then give a click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop tab
    Choose the Update now button at the top right side of the desktop
    Verify reset updates
    Hit “Get Updates”

  3. In which operating system does QuickBooks error 6210 usually take place?

    MS Windows 7
    MS Windows 8
    Windows ME
    Windows Vista
    MS Windows 10
    Windows 2000

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