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QuickBooks Auto-data recovery tool is an in-built application in QuickBooks used to fix corrupted files. This utility is available with QuickBooks File Recovery Premier, Pro, and enterprises instead of the QuickBooks Accountants.

It helps retain the lost accounting information like transaction files, financial statements, and many other QuickBooks Company files. Auto-recovery and file-auto- Replication are the two key technologies in the Auto-data recovery utility.  This post will teach you about QuickBooks data file recovery.

Why Auto-Recovery tool?

QuickBooks restore from auto data recovery is simple

The data recovery services in QuickBooks helps in protecting the business from a massive data disaster. For instance: if certain scenarios take place when you mistakenly deleted file or partition loss, system boot failure, corrupted installation, or hard drive formatting.

 An auto data recovery option in QuickBooks is used to resolve the corrupted files. It uses two different strategies to fix the damaged file –Auto recovery and Auto-replication. The auto-replication generates a duplicate copy of the QuickBooks Company file & QB Transaction log file. The Auto-recovery contains an additional folder to view the new files using the accounting system. The QuickBooks Auto-data recovery folder helps in creating a backup file in QuickBooks. But, this is not compatible with accounting information. Also, you can enable auto data recovery to recover the deleted QuickBooks file.

What are the benefits of QuickBooks Auto Data recovery?

Below are the few benefits to QuickBooks auto data recovery files.

  • The QuickBooks file recovery utility is used to recover lost or corrupted data.
  • Recover all objects.
  • Use the QuickBooks data recovery software to create and saves reports.
  • It is a very User-friendly tool
  • All types of transactions can be recovered
  • It also helps to view the files that need to be recovered

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How to fix active transactions using actually .TLG file using .QBW .adr file?


In this method use the actual Transaction log file & ADR version of the Company file to fix the current transactions. Below jotted down are the steps:

  • Initially create one new folder labeled QBTest
  • Now open folder with company file
  • You can press the F2 button on the keyboard to verify the location of the company file on the screen named product information.
  • Click on No Company Open Page
  • Search for the .tlg file in the company file folder
  • It is not the same as the company file to show file extensions
  • If you failed to discover the .tlg file then here are the steps:
  • Open the File Explorer Window
  • Hit Windows+E on the keyboard
  • Choose Organize then click on the options named Folder and Search
  • Select file name extension
  • Click View
  • Choose Hide extension of the known types of file
  • Click Apply and then Ok
  • Copy the .tlg file of the company file and then paste it to the folder named QBTest on the System
  • Open the folder named QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery. This folder is in the same location
  • Now copy the .QBW.adr file and then paste it to the folder named QBTest
  •  Make sure the QBTest folder contains the .tlg file and .QBW.adr
  • Give a right-click on the .QBW.adr file in the QBTest Folder
  • Choose Rename button
  • Now go at the file end to delete .adr
  • Next Open the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open the company files in the QBTest Folder
  • Click on the account register button to check the transaction
  • Hit the File button then hit the Utilities option
  • Check Data to verify the data integrity of the fixed file
  • If the company file copy is fine then move the corrupted company file to another location
  • Now transfer the QBTest copy to the actual location

Fix the recent transactions with.TLG.adr files and . QBW.adr files:

Use the ADR with both.TLG and .QBW files. This should fix all however the past 12 hours of transactions:

  • Make a new folder on the Desktop labeled QBTest
  • Now open the folder containing the company file for a folder named QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.
  • Search the .QBW.adr and . .TLG.adr files have the same name as the company file
  • In case you failed to find the .TLG.adr & .QBW.adr files then here are the steps to show file extensions:
  • Initially open the File Explorer window
  • Hit Windows +E to launch the File Explorer
  • Choose Organize tab then select Folder
  • Find Options for the Windows 8, 8.1 & 10
  • Select View tab then click extension of the file name
  • Choose Hide extension of the recognized file types
  • Click Apply tab
  • Choose OK option
  • Now copy the .QBW.adr and .TLG.adr files and then paste them to the folder named QBTest
  • Delete the .adr from the file name end
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open the company on the QBTest folder
  • Now open the account register to check all the transactions
  • For verifying the recovered file data integrity you need to locate the top left corner of the screen then hit Utilities button and then click Verify Data.
  • You can move the copy of the corrupted company file to a different location and transfer the copy to the actual location.

Hopefully, the guide saved your time in recovering the corrupted file with the QuickBooks file recovery method. If you need to explore, more get an expert’s assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are few common questions related to QuickBooks file recovery issues.

What method do I need to Fix the Deleted QuickBooks Data Files?

1. Open search box
2. Type *.qbw and then press Enter button
3. Locate the company files and find the highlighted copies in the displayed list
4. Find the file and give a right-click on it
5. Choose the properties option
6. Click on the tab named General to check the file named QuickBooks company file
7. Hit on the component named Date Modified and find the refreshed file
8. Once the most current file and make a replica of it on the CD
9. If there are duplicated files then delete the residual files
10. Paste the files and then copy them to the similar field

Can I check the data integrity of the recovered data?

1. Click on File
2. Choose Utilities
3. Hit “Verify Data”

When can I face the data loss in QuickBooks?

There are multiple causes behind data loss. Here are some possible causes:
1. Poor connection in a system
2. If the system activated personal firewall protection
3. Turned on the power sparing mode
4. The organizer may need extra permission on the spared document
5. Deleting QuickBooks files or mistakenly data deletion
6. Data theft because of the suspicious activities in the computer
7. Corrupted application/software

Can I recovery QuickBooks key from dead computer?

Yes, you can restore your lost QuickBooks data to new computer. All you need to check your cloud backup for files like: QBW, QBB or QBM. You can then restore the QuickBooks key to your new machine. 

What to do my QuickBooks data disappeared?

In the event of data loss or corruption, QuickBooks Desktop includes a feature called Auto Data Recovery (ADR), which can help you recover most or all of your data.

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