QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is an accounting program that is locally installed. The software combines the best of both worlds by joining together the feature set and accounting complexity of QuickBooks Pro with the ease of use and more modern UI of QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks for Mac allows small business owners to manage their invoicing, estimates, bank reconciliation, accounts payable, and cash basis accounting. Few new features have been added to the software, and there’s still not a single integration. The software is also on the more expensive side.These shortcomings are paired with poor customer support, no integrated payroll, and no payment processing.

What is QuickBooks For Mac?

QuickBooks software works in Mac OS as well. The Mac users can sigh a relief as Intuit has come up with QB for Mac edition. QuickBooks for Mac comes in three different editions from QuickBooks Pro, Enterprise & QuickBooks Premiere for Mac. Although QuickBooks Pro for Mac and QuickBooks Enterprise for Mac are very much similar to QuickBooks software for Windows, they do have hairline changes as the OS and System Requirements for both is different. The QB Mac software is incorporated with features that helps the Mac users to meet the requirements of their businesses.

Important Factors: QuickBooks For Mac Support

Helpline #516 493 3149
Support available?Yes, Single, Monthly & Annually
Price Per License1 user – $399.99
2 users – $649.99
3 users – $899.99
Maximum number of users3 users (must be on the same network)
Easy sharing with accountants?Depending on the situation. If the accountant uses a different system, sharing files can be tricky. 
Is it compatible with other programs or tools?It is not. The Mac version of QuickBooks 2022 does not integrate with any other tools, such as QuickBooks Payroll or QuickBooks Payments.
Easy to use?Yes.
Table for Important Points – QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

QuickBooks for Mac Versions

quickbooks for mac support
Support for QuickBooks for Mac
  1. QuickBooks Online: This QuickBooks software category can be easily accessed on your go means anywhere at any time as the software available on the cloud system of the company.
  2. QuickBooks Desktop: This QuickBooks version is installed on one desktop and restricts use only from that particular desktop system.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus 2022

If you want access to QuickBooks Desktop For Mac Plus software, then you need to renew a membership every year. The Plus membership includes access to the software, 24/7 support, automatic backups, upgrades and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2022 is an easy-to-use accounting program that helps improve your cash flow. It can help you organize your business finances and keep up with the tax filing process, while also providing you with a point of reference for when to record expenses.

New! QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 Subscription Benefits:

  • We release new features and security patches on a regular basis.
  • Unlimited customer support and data recovery.2,3
  • Premium subscription features.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac That Customer Loves

QuickBooks for Mac has a lot of features, although not all of them are as fully developed as Intuit’s other accounting products. However, you’ll find everything you’d expect from accounting software, including invoicing, time tracking, budgeting, project management, reporting and more.

Here’s a list of the features available in QuickBooks for Mac software.

Invoices & Estimates: QuickBooks for Mac automatically creates and sends invoices, with multiple customization options to personalize your invoices as well as time-saving automations. Here’s what to expect when creating invoices and estimates with QuickBooks for Mac:

  • 31 invoice templates
  • 24 estimate templates
  • Custom templates
  • Batch invoicing
  • Progress invoices
  • Send payment links with invoices for ACH, credit card, and echeck payments
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Convert estimates to invoices

Bookkeeping: QuickBooks for Mac offers a number of features that are optimized for Apple desktop processors to track your finances. For example, you will be able to optimize your bookkeeping with features such as:

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Snapshot view with 15+ charts
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Automatic categorization of bank transactions
  • Batch-editing of bank transactions
  • Contact management
  • Vendor management
  • Rule-based customer groups
  • Expense tracking
  • Receipt management
  • Accounts payable
  • Chart of accounts
  • General journal entries
  • Write and print checks
  • Credit memos
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales receipts
  • Class tracking
  • Default email templates
  • To-do lists
  • Reminders
  • Import and export data

Inventory: QuickBooks for Mac gives your business a comprehensive inventory system. Here’s how to use the features in QuickBooks for Mac.

  • Record items, services, parts, and more
  • Include descriptions, rates, and item numbers
  • Create custom fields
  • Set reorder points
  • Default sales tax items and sales tax groups
  • Sub-items for inventory bundles

Time Tracking: With the tools included in your QuickBooks for Mac subscription, employees can track time easily. Highlights include:

  • Time tracking
  • Create timesheets
  • Attach billable time to invoices
  • Use progressive invoicing to bill in steps

Project Management: QuickBooks for Mac has basic project management features, including:

  • Connect projects to customers
  • Set job status, start/end dates, descriptions, and more
  • Basic job costing

Reporting & Budgeting: We make it possible to see how long you can go without missing a payment or how much money you will have in your future with reporting and budgeting tools.

  • 110+ accounting and sales reports
  • Graphs and charts
  • Yearly budgets
  • Manual budgets
  • Create a budget using last year’s data
  • Budgeting reports

Tax Support: QuickBooks for Mac has a variety of features to help you keep track of your sales tax and support the forms necessary to pay it.

  • Unlimited sales tax items and groups
  • Default sales tax for contacts and items
  • Support for 1099s and 1096s
  • Track and record mileage deductions
  • Assign mileage to jobs as billable or non-billable

Common Errors with Intuit QuickBooks Mac?

The Mac OS is stuffed with advanced features that safeguard the system from many types of threats and issues. The features help the Mac users to carry out their business tasks with hassle and fear. There are unfavorable scenarios when you might end up with errors that interfere and finally stops the work process you made with QuickBooks software. These errors could be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Installation Errors: During the installation process sometimes the process is not successfully completed or is completed and it might lead to serious issues like damaged company file, inaccessibility to company file or QuickBooks for Mac, QuickBooks not working on Mac etc.
  • Upgrade Errors: While you upgrade one version of software to latest version, sometimes you might face issues in accessing your QuickBooks software properly. For instance:  Suppose you are using 2011 version of Mac QuickBooks software and want to upgrade it to Intuit QuickBooks for Mac 2012 version, which might lead you to face the issue as the system requirements for the newer version are different.
  • Features Malfunctioning: If the software is not installed properly or the upgrade process is not performed correctly you might not be able to access all features of the software. For instance: Intuit updates the QuickBooks for Mac 2021 new features, however, are not functioning properly.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Mac Errors & How to Contact Support?

The above mentioned issues and errors faced in your Monterey, Big Sure, Catalina, or any other version of Mac, can be resolved if you immediately report your issue to the QuickBooks support team, accessible at Apple Mac QuickBooks help center on the website. Our team are highly proficient in resolving the Mac OS issues as they are well trained and experienced in the particular area. The support team can be contacted through online email, online chat.

Why Choose FastFix247.Com for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Support?

At times while there is a long delay in contacting the customer care executive you can opt for contacting the alternative QuickBooks support agencies like FastFix247.Com that offers support by top rated Intuit certified ProAdvisors.

FastFix247.Com is a reliable QuickBooks Consulting Company that provides best quality services as per your business requirements. We offer a variety of support services for QuickBooks software. We house best QB professionals who cater best assistance for all the above-listed Mac system issues and have yet to disappoint any customers.

The comprehensive knowledge of support team helps to detect the actual error and fix it in the shortest wait time. The prompt and responsive nature of the professionals helps to fix the errors fixing the issue in minimum turn-around time (TAT). If you are a Mac user and are facing similar scenarios and are seeking for assistance choose FastFix247.Com that offers workable feasible solutions for your business. Our QuickBooks 24 hour support team are always active and offer technical help at affordable rates. You can connect with our support team through below given # or direct discuss your issues over LIVE CHAT.

Question: How to Use Intuit QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?

Answer: Read our blogs to understand how to use QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, you can chat with our agents as well.

Question: How to Find Small Business Accounting Software for Mac?

Answer: There are many very good accounting software’s for MAC lovers. Few of them are XERO, QuickBooks Desktop, Zoho Books & Sage 50

Question: What are 2022 QuickBooks Accountant for Mac Tutorials?

Answer: You can browse our helpful blogs to find QuickBooks desktop for Mac tips & tricks.

Question: Can I use QuickBooks on a Mac?

Answer: Yes you can.

Question: What are QuickBooks Mac 2021 Update errors?

Answer: If you are using older version of QuickBooks than you need to update you QuickBooks. After upgrading from a previous version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, you will need to update your company file to work in the newer version.

Question: How do i track my loans in QuickBooks Desktop Mac?

Answer: You can track your loan under QuickBooks Loan Manager.

Question: How to manage attachments in QuickBooks for mac 2022?

Answer: Go to Attachment Center & search with your required keyword.

Question: How to Resort list in QuickBooks for Mac 2019?

Answer: You need to use Re-sort master name list in QuickBooks for Mac 2019. Find Re-sort your master names list & Re-sort chart of accounts, items, or classes list.

Question: In QuickBooks Desktop Mac, How to track Non-Cash Donations for a Non-Profit Company?

Answer: The people who donate to your organization are your customers. After the donation has been received, enter the customer’s Sales Receipt. A report called Revenue by Customer will allow you to see how much each customer brought into your organization.

Question: How do you change your password on Intuit QuickBooks at Mac?

Answer: To reset the administrator password, you will need your QuickBooks license number. In addition, you’ll need your email address, phone number, ZIP code, and name used for the product purchase and registration.

Question: How to get QuickBooks Pro for Mac Support in US?

Answer: You can reach us our LIVE CHAT team or calls for any issues related to QuickBooks Desktop Mac.

Question: How do I restore a QuickBooks for Mac backup in QuickBooks for Windows?

Answer: To convert QuickBooks file from Mac to Windows, you need to follow this:

Back up to QuickBooks for Windows, choose a name and location for the file, and then click Save. The Apply Password window allows you to enter a password for the file. When you open it in QuickBooks for Windows, this password will be required. When you don’t want to password-protect the file, leave the fields blank and click OK.To locate the .qbb file on your computer, click Show File in Finder once the backup file has been created. QuickBooks creates an Instructional PDF file at the same location as your file.Provide the .qbb file and the Instructional PDF file to the Windows user via CD, USB drive, or upload it to your iDisk.

It is common for Macs to read and write PC-formatted media.You can restore a backup copy of QuickBooks 2022 for Windows by choosing File > Open or Restore Company and following the onscreen prompts. Check the Update Now box when the file needs to be updated.

Review the file and make any changes necessary. Follow the instructions on the other side of this card to return the file for use on a Mac.

Question: How to Set up Banking in QuickBooks for Mac?

Answer: QuickBooks provides online banking services and transactions that can be downloaded. You are taken to the bank’s website when QuickBooks opens. Signing in there will let you download your transactions as a .qbo file, which you can then import into QuickBooks.

Question: How to turn class tracking on or off in QuickBooks Mac?

Answer: Check if tracking classes is enabled on QB Mac. On the invoice window there is a drop down menu for customer invoices. The class column can also be added to your template if you wish. Vendor bills display a class column as well.

Question: How Can I download my bank information in QuickBooks for Mac 2022?

Answer: Direct Connect lets you download transactions directly from your bank into QuickBooks for Mac. Transactions are available in your register when you download, so you don’t need to import them.

  • Click on Banking, then Downloaded Transactions.
  • Select the account you wish to connect from the QuickBooks Account * dropdown menu.
  • Click the Download button.

Question: How do I talk to LIVE person in QuickBooks for Mac Desktop 2022 issues?

Answer: One of the most easy process to talk to LIVE person is to talk with Our QuickBooks experts for MAC, Just start with our LIVE CHAT.

Question: How to Add ship to address on statements using QuickBooks for Mac?

Answer: Adding the shipping address to your customer’s profile and turning on the setting that displays shipping information on invoices can be helpful if your customers have different addresses for billing and shipping. 

Question: How to get QuickBooks for Mac accounting software support?

Answer: In the event you encounter any error when using QuickBooks on your Mac or when upgrading or installing it, contact the support team of QuickBooks Errors. In order to fix errors occurring on Mac as quickly as possible and prevent any serious threats, our QB Support team uses innovative tools and technology.

Question: How to access hidden user library files in Mac OS 10.7 and older versions?

Answer: You can permanently make your user library visible with the Terminal command “chflags nohidden */Library”. You can check here for old QuickBooks Mac update versions. Note: You are always advice to run software with latest version of QuickBooks for mac.

Question: How to manage QuickBooks Mac for Nonprofit?

Answer: With nonprofits or libraries, you can track your budgets, monitor your expenses, and get your finances in order for tax purposes. Ask us if you face any issues with QuickBooks Mac for Nonprofit.

Question: How to Set up Intuit Payment Network (IPN) in QuickBooks for Mac 2022 & older versions?

Answer: You can easily connect or setup your payments account to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

  • Connect the QuickBooks company file you wish to connect.
  • Then, click Link merchant account, and then select Customers.
  • Then, sign in with your merchant service login.
  • Then, select Authorize. You’ll then see ✓ Merchant Service Enabled.

Question: How to Export a report to Excel in QuickBooks Mac?

Answer: Follow the steps to export to excel:

Important: The Excel workbooks can be opened with Apple Numbers v3.5 or Microsoft Excel 2016 or later, including Mac Office 365.

  1. The report you want to export can be found in the Reports menu.
  2. Click on Export.
  3. You can save the file by selecting File, then Save As, when the file opens.

The default application you set in QuickBooks opens Excel workbooks. You can change it here.

  1. Select Get Info from the context menu when you right-click on the file.
  2. On the Open With menu, choose Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel.
  3. Choose Change All.

In QuickBooks, you can change the export file type (.sylk or .xlsx) in your report preferences.

Question: How to print checks with signature in QuickBooks Mac?

Answer: To get the most up-to-date release version, reset your QuickBooks update for Mac. This will resolve issues and optimize the software.

print checks with signature in quickbooks mac

Check and reset your printer’s settings if necessary. Here are the steps:

  1. Select Settings (or Control Panel) > Printers and Faxes from the Start menu.
  2. Select the printer you want to use by right-clicking.
  3. Click the Set Default Printer option.
  4. Reopen QuickBooks and check the changes in Printer Setup.

To set up, follow the steps above. I recommend contacting our QB MAC Support team if you still have any print issues.

Question: How to reconcile in QuickBooks for Mac? Answer:

Question: How much QuickBooks Mac 2022 for 1 User Support Cost? Answer: Unlimited customer support costs $299 per year for single user.

Question: How to fix printer problems in QuickBooks Desktop Mac? Answer: As each printer is different, it might change the design on your invoice or report. So as per printer issues, solutions are also different. Kindly consult with our technicians.

Question: Custom report box pops up every time at my QuickBooks Mac, how to fix? Answer: You can open or close the panel by selecting Customize & selecting the settings you want. Each type of report you create will remember the settings.  

Question: How to handle refunds on invoices paid by credit card in QuickBooks for Mac? Answer:

Question: How to add a daily sales summary in QuickBooks for Mac? Answer:

Question: How to set up sales tax in QuickBooks for Mac? Answer:

Question: How to take backup of QuickBooks Pro 2022 for Mac? Answer:

Question: How to Verify data integrity in QuickBooks for Mac? Answer:

Question: How do I transfer my QuickBooks from PC to Mac? Answer:

Question: Does QuickBooks work on Mac Book pro? Answer:

Question: How to Download & install Intuit QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2022 using CD? Answer:

Question: Which one is best QuickBooks Mac Plus Accounting Software or QuickBooks Desktop for Mac? Answer:

Question: Is QuickBooks compatible with Apple mac computers? Answer:

Question: Why should I use QuickBooks Macintosh? Answer: You can save time by automating statement emails tailored to each customer’s needs.

Question: Do QuickBooks for Mac 2022 can support more than one currency?

Answer: There is no multicurrency support.

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