QuickBook gmail not working

There are a lot of email integration options that come with the QuickBooks desktop. A few of them include WebMail, Outlook, and QuickBooks E-mail that you can use to stay in touch with your clients through an email service.

Gmail address connected with QuickBooks is used to send customers invoices. However, it is quite frustrating when QuickBooks Gmail stops working. When this error takes place the users failed to sign in to Gmail in the accounting system. It may hamper the important work. This email error states that Gmail failed to meet modern security standards. In other words, this error happens because of Google’s new security upgrades. Whenever new updates release if the server recognizes the less secure app, it locks. So there requires reconnecting the Gmail account. There are various other reasons triggering QuickBooks Gmail errors. The below article is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide to fix QuickBooks Gmail that is not working.

What are the Primary Reasons QuickBooks Gmail Not Working?

  • Corrupted MAP132.dll file
  • The system failed to sync with QuickBooks to Gmail
  • Incorrect credentials such as Wrong User ID and Password.

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Here’s How to fix Gmail Not Working with QuickBooks

To fix Gmail Not Working with QuickBooks, follow the steps above.

  • Log in to your Google Account.
  • On the My Account page, click Connected apps & sites.
  • You might find the Intuit QuickBooks under the heading ‘Apps connected to your account’.
  • Instead, you should use QuickBooks Online to connect the software to Gmail. Ignore this option.
  • Click the button to turn on Allow less secure apps instead.
  • You will be able to send an invoice successfully if you return to Gmail and try again.
  • Gmail can also be used with QuickBooks after it has been set up by turning off Gmail’s two-step verification.
  • Allowing a new device or app to access Gmail can also resolve the problem.

How to Fix QuickBooks Gmail Not Working Error?

If the error “QuickBooks Gmail is not working” occurs and the two-factor authentications also failed to work then follow the below-mentioned solutions:

Method 1- Turn on the Less Secure Application in Google:

To complete this step first you are required to disable the 2-step verification of the Google account with the below steps:

  • First of all open a Google account
  • Click Security option
  • Hit 2-Step verification
  • Now sign in with the correct credentials
  • After this switch Turn off the button to Turn on
  • Once you are done with this you will get a pop-up window for the confirmation
  • Hit the Turn off button

Now Enable the Less Secure App Access in Your Google Account Using the Below Steps:

Make sure you read the Google security standard to know in-depth about its effect on the account

  • Now open QuickBooks, click Edit Button
  • Hit Option Preferences
  • Hit Send Forms button
  • Click Web Mail
  • Choose Add Option
  • Fill the Add Email Info field
  • Hit Ok option
  • Next click Ok to save all applied changes

Method 2- Check and Modify the QuickBooks Enhanced Security Settings:

If you have already configured the Gmail account to use the enhanced security standards then there will display a prompt to authorize QuickBooks Desktop. Here are the steps:

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click Open Report/transaction
  • Choose Email
  • Hit Send button
  • It will display a pop-up window asking you to enter the login credentials
  • Enter the credentials and then hit the Continue button in the webmail authorization window
  • Hit Allow button once you are done with this.

In case you failed to authorize then try reconnecting the QuickBooks account with your Gmail account. And clear the field named Use Enhanced Security. And follow the below steps:

  • Open QuickBooks and then set up the webmail to link with the Gmail account
  • Hit the Edit menu button
  • Choose Preferences
  • Select Send Forms
  • Hit WebMail button
  • Click Add option to add the webmail
  • Choose the provider using a drop-down list with Gmail as you need to connect with your Gmail account
  • Place a mark on the tab named Use Enhanced security
  • Hit OK button
  • If required provide the credentials to sign in to the Intuit account

Method 3- Fix MAPI32.dll:

Here is the list of steps to resolve the MAPI32.dll:

  • Initially close all active programs
  • Click Start menu
  • Enter File Explorer into the field and then open the File Explorer window
  • Fill into C:\Windows\System32 into the box
  • Search and then open Fixmapi.exe
  • Next, follow the instructions on the screen
  • Once the repair completes then restart the system

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Method 4- Verify the Internet Explorer Email Preferences:

QuickBooks uses the browser (Internet Explorer) to run the background services. However, you require resetting the email preferences that are given below:

  • First of all close QuickBooks
  • Next open Internet explorer
  • Click Tools and then choose the Settings button
  • Hit Internet Options
  • Choose the Programs button
  • Click Set Programs
  • Choose the option named to set the default programs
  • Click the email service you need to use
  • Choose Apply
  • Click OK

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Hopefully, the post is helpful! In case none of the solutions work then get in connect with a professional team. Use a live chat, email address, or phone number to reach the professional team.

How to Setup and Configure Email Services in QuickBooks Desktop

It is possible to set up email service in QuickBooks Desktop. Through your Outlook or webmail address, you can send invoices to your clients, receive reports, and perform other transactions from your QB Desktop if you have already configured its email service. With this feature, QuickBooks accounting software becomes even more useful for small and mid-sized businesses.

We have written this article to assist you in setting up QuickBooks email service and resolving some common email service errors.

How to Set Up QuickBooks Email Service on QuickBooks Desktop

The first step is to prepare and set up your Microsoft Outlook profile.

The QuickBooks email service can be set up using an existing Outlook profile or a new one. You will also need Outlook username, password, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, and incoming email server type. Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if you don’t have these details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Can I Setup  my  QuickBooks Gmail Account?

    You can prevent the issue of QuickBooks Gmail not working by setting up the QuickBooks email. Here is the list of steps:
    1. Click the menu and choose the Edit button
    2. Click Preferences option
    3. Choose “Send forms” using the left-hand option followed by My preferences
    4. Locate the webmail
    5. Click Add option
    6. It will display the window
    7. Fill in the Gmail ID & choose Gmail
    8. It automatically fills the SMTP server information
    9. At last hit, OK & Gmail address gets linked to the Email ID

  2. How can I edit the admin privileges to fix QuickBooks Gmail is not working error?

    1. Close QuickBooks Desktop
    2. Click Start button
    3. Enter QuickBooks into the search box
    4. Now give right-click on the icon named QuickBooks and then choose Open File Location
    5. Search for the QuickBooks.exe file in the folder
    6. Choose “Properties”
    7. Click Compatibility option
    8. Uncheck the option which says “Run this program as Administrator”
    9. If the field is grayed out then choose “Show Settings for all users” to enable the option
    10. Click Apply button
    11. Hit OK
    12. Launch QuickBooks & then send a transaction

  3. How Would I Toggle the Email Preferences to Rectify Being Unable to Open QuickBooks Gmail?

    1. Choose the Edit button
    2. Click Preferences option
    3. Hit Send Forms using the menu
    4. Click the My Preferences button
    5. Choose QuickBooks E-mail/Webmail
    6. Hit OK
    7. Repeat the procedure
    8. Click the My Preferences button
    9. Hit Outlook option
    10. Click OK
    11. Next close the QuickBooks and all the active programs
    12. Restart the system

  4. What If I am Unable to Modify the enhanced security settings in QuickBooks?

    If you configured Gmail for enhanced security then there requires QuickBooks Desktop authorization while sending the report. But if you reconnect the Gmail account then it will fix the issue.

  5. How can I Unlink my Gmail Account from QuickBooks?

    1. First, open the invoice
    2. Complete all the fields
    3. Hit Save and then click Send
    4. Select the drop-down menu above the email of the customer
    5. Delete the Gmail address you need to remove

  6. I Am Getting QuickBooks Desktop Error “Browser not Secure Error When Trying to Set up Gmail). How to Fix it?

    As part of the revised Google privacy policy, any app that accesses Google data must be reauthorized. This means we will need to give QuickBooks permission to access Gmail. Make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is patched to the most recent release version before proceeding.
    So, you need to authorize QuickBooks Desktop to use Gmail section. (Steps given in the above FAQs).
    1. Once done, let us set up your Gmail again in QuickBooks Desktop. Here is how:
    2. Go to the Edit on the top menu to get to the Preferences.
    3. Go to the My Preferences tab after selecting Send forms in the left pane.
    4. Select Webmail, then select the Add option from the drop-down menu.
    5. In the Email Id field, type your email address and choose Gmail from the Email Provider drop-down menu.
    6. Select OK.

  7. Why does Gmail not work with QuickBooks Desktop?

    Gmail often changes its security settings. This can cause trouble when you try to connect to QuickBooks desktop. Google has the power to make this happen, but you have a few options if you want to stay connected.

  8. How do I fix Incorrect Credentials or Gmail settings in QuickBooks?

    Incorrect credentials or Gmail settings
    1. Go to your Yahoo Account Security page.
    2. Turn on the Two-step verification and Allow apps that use less secure sign in features.
    3. Once the feature is turned on, go back to QuickBooks and test an email.

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