Garnering errors while operating the software is quite common with any software, QuickBooks included. Most of the error are resolved by uninstalling and then re-installing the software. However, there are times when the user isn’t able to locate the license number or product number due to numerous reasons like user has thrown the page or box having the product or license number once they have installed the software initially.

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The issue is quite easy to resolve as the license number or the product key can be located in multiple places. However, these places depend on the way user has purchased, downloaded and installed the software such as with CD or through a link and registered with Intuit. Till the time, a user can provide a proof of purchase, the license number or product key can be located by the company without any hassle. The top three ways of locating the license number are illustrated below:

  1. In case the user has bought a packaged version of QuickBooks, the outer pack might have a sticker informing about the license and product number. In the scenario of online purchase, the same information can be found in the confirmation email sent after the software has been purchased.
  2. Next method is by inserting the QuickBooks CD and locating the re-installed QuickBooks option. This will showcase the required numbers of both License and Product Key.
  3. Last option is to locate and go to ‘Intuit QuickBooks License Lookup Web Page’ and type in the username and password used to sign in with Intuit account. In case the website is not able to locate the required details it is advised to connect with the Toll Free Number of Intuit itself. However, it is imperative to be ready with the purchase proof of the software while calling the company.

The above three ways should help the user to locate the required information regarding the lost or missing license number. In case of any other issue, user should immediately contact QuickBooks customer support phone number at  who are adept in handling these issues in just matter of minutes.



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