QuickBooks software provides swift aid to users in order to record sensitive accounting details of their business securely. To do the same functions in less time taking manner users are provided with numerous shortcuts that generates same level of efficiency. One such option that effectively saves time of the user is by using memorized transaction feature.

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There are several ways and transactions to explain this feature in more detail. Some of the transactions on which memorized feature can be used are billing, monthly adjustment transaction under journal entries, invoicing and checking. In scenarios wherein the user invoices their clients on monthly base and charge same amount on recurring basis, memorized transaction feature conveniently speeds up the process of accounts receivable. Hence, this results in enhanced cash flow. Automatic payments deducted from the checking account on a regular basis can also be memorized and posted. Furthermore, monthly adjusting journal entries for such items as depreciation and expenses of prepaid insurance or taxes can also memorized. In the end it also offers the benefit of not forgetting to record these transactions and streamline the required process to be more efficient.

There are multiple ways to memorize a transaction. To do so follow the instruction detailed below:

  1. When working on a transaction such as a bill or journal entry, go to the toolbar and click edit and then memorize.
  2. Alternatively user can right click somewhere in the transaction and select memorize option.
  3. This will bring up a memorized transaction screen where user can name the transaction, add it to their reminders list and schedule the transaction to record (by choosing this option user has multiple options as to how often, next date, number remaining and days in advance to post ).

Once set up, user can view their memorized transactions list by following steps:

  1. Go to the toolbar and click on lists
  2. Then select memorized transactions from the options shown.
  3. The list has columns which provides user with details of each transaction.
  4. QuickBooks can customize the columns by using the memorized transaction drop-down list on the bottom of the screen.
  5. Choose customize columns, add or remove columns for relevant data related to your transaction such as type, amount, frequency and if it is automatic or not.
  6. To edit the details or delete a memorized transaction, simply right click on the transaction and choose the appropriate option.
  7. To edit the amount of a memorized transaction, double click on the transaction to open it. Then change the amount, choose memorize and replace the transaction. This will update the amount of the memorized transaction. Make sure not to save and close the transaction until the user is ready to post it on the software reports.

By employing the memorized transaction tool, user has the superlative option of using full functions accorded by QuickBooks software However, if the error still persists it is recommended to contact the proficient QuickBooks 24 hour customer service team set up by Intuit itself to resolve the error swiftly.

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