Let’s cut straight to the chase: time is money, especially when you’re running a business. Here are three QuickBooks Online shortcuts that are absolute game-changers, saving you hours of work.

  1. Batch Actions for Expenses and Invoices: Learn to use batch actions to process expenses and invoices in bulk. This little trick can cut down your time spent on bookkeeping by half.

  2. Use Keyboard Shortcuts: QuickBooks Online has a set of keyboard shortcuts designed to make your work faster. For example, pressing Ctrl + Alt + I opens a new invoice, and Ctrl + Alt + X opens a new expense.

  3. Automate Recurring Transactions: Set up recurring transactions for regular expenses or invoices. Once it’s set, QuickBooks will handle it automatically, letting you focus on other tasks.

Implementing these shortcuts into your daily routine can significantly reduce the time you spend on routine tasks, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business.

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