quickbooks payment error due to internet connection

User Query: What to do when network error has occurred in my Desktop. It displays the message in QuickBooks (Error: a network problem has occurred). How to resolve?

QuickBooks is one of the world’s renowned accounting solution. It is highly recommended by medium as well as small industries. You can purchase either desktop version or online version according to your choice. You can now easily access and manage QuickBooks account from your computer, laptop, tablet or smart-phone at any point of time. It is a time saving software which increases your work-flow but there are a few situations when even QuickBooks encounter some errors.

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One of the common error is “QuickBooks payment error due to INTERNET connection”.

Causes behind QuickBooks encountered a network problem while processing your payment or form.

It is a kind of unrecoverable error. You will encounter this payment error while making an E-pay. It is caused when your payments is not in sync. Your payments are now restricted and you will get following message:

  • QuickBooks Desktop has come across a network problem while dealing with your payments. It may be due to closed underlying connection so may not be able to connect to remote server.
  • QuickBooks Desktop might have encountered a network issue as there might be a remote name issue. The remote name ‘intuit.com’ could not be resolved. Try submitting it again.
  • Internal error has occurred.

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Recommended by Experts to fix your QuickBooks Network Connection Error

The solution mentioned below is recommended by Intuit experts. But here are some key points that you should keep in mind – ‘you will have to close all the programs which are running in the system which may interfere with your QuickBooks Desktop’.

Solution to fix QuickBooks encountered a network problem while processing your payment or form:

  • You will have to Log in as a QuickBooks Administrator.
  • Start your system as a Selective Startup.
  • Open Run window on your system.
  • In search area type msconfig and press OK.
  • Select General tab and click on Selective Startup radio button.
  • Click on Load System Service checkbox.
  • Clear the checkbox of Load Startup Items.
  • Select Services tab once again.
  • From the bottom of your screen select the option Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Verify whether the Windows Installer checkbox is selected or not.
  • If selected, click on OK.
  • Click on restart button from System Configuration window and restart your system.
  • Send e-payments.
  • Reboot your system again.
  • If your e-payments are rejected by proxy-setting then configure your proxy setting.
  • Try to send e-payments now.​

The solution mentioned in this article is recommended by Intuit experts. But there are certain occasions when this error still persist and your payment is restricted. In those cases you try to reach out to QuickBooks Customer Support. In some circumstances you are unable to connect with them and look for other options available. One such alternatives is FastFix247.Com. They are QuickBooks consultant who has a team of QuickBooks professionals who have dealt with similar problems and will help you in rectifying all such issues. To get in touch with QuickBooks team . They are available 24*7 to provide their expertise on QuickBooks related queries and errors. You can also request for online chat support by visiting website FastFix247.Com.