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Have you lately expanded your business QuickBooks Premier Support and looking for better alternative to QuickBooks Pro but aren’t relatively prepared for the attribute set and high price of QuickBooks Enterprise software? By now, you must have sorted through various options and might be looking for something within your budget range.

In such a scenario, one of the best options that you need to consider is QuickBooks Premier—the most potent version of QuickBooks accounting software. Well, you have come to the right place as we intend to discuss the benefits of QB Desktop Premier and QuickBooks Premier Support Services in this article.

Initially, QuickBooks was intended for small businesses only but due to its success, the QB Premier and QuickBooks enterprise support editions were developed to meet the demands of medium-sized and full scale businesses respectively.


What is QuickBooks Premier?

QuickBooks Premier is the most powerful version of one of the accounting software applications that has been dominating the market since the 90’—QuickBooks Desktop. As an advanced version of this software, QuickBooks Premier is PC-based software which can be easily downloaded, instead of the cloud-based software application.

This software application is premeditated keeping in mind the business owners who are a bit skeptical about keeping their confidential financial records in a remote location due to security reasons.

Some of the newly added attributes of QuickBooks premier software app are as follows:

With the introduction of the latest version of this app, now the subscribed users will be able to:

  • Users can now use this software on up to three computers
  • Now, users can make most of the search bar in the business’s Chart of Accounts
  • Users can make use of either cash or accrual base for accounting
  • Move the past due stamp to outstanding invoices
  • Get instant notifications about the payroll liability due dates

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Key benefits of using the QuickBooks premier are:

Here some of the key takeaways that can help you understand the prime benefits of using this software app:

Multiple Users Access

This is one of the best aspects of this software. You are authorized to allow up to five users to gain access to your QB Premier software. Thus, if your business’s finances bank majority on the close alliance between several stakeholders, this app gives you an extensive access which could be the best deal for your business.

Track Income and Expenditures

You can simply add your business’s bank and credit card account details to your software with the intention to automatically sync your financial activity. In addition, you can import the preceding financial activity from other shared accounting programs, for instance, Excel.

Proficient, Bespoke Estimates and Invoicing

Create customized estimates and invoices speedily with QB Premier. You can create an invoice for services, merchandises, chargeable hours, and chargeable expenditure with a click of a button.

Once all the invoices are sent, you will be able to receive disbursements directly by means of the invoice or send notifications provided your invoice is still pending.

Sales Tax Tracking

With the sales tax tracking feature, you can define which clienteles and merchandises will fall under the purview of tax in order to allow your app to smartly track what you are indebted in sales tax all through the month.

Time Tracking

With the highly advanced feature, you can now track time at your fingertips. Whether it is about tracking time on the basis of employee, assignment, customer, or service you’re managing.

Plus, you can assign secure access to your QB Premier account so that they can gain access at their convenience.

Finally, you can easily run reports on the time that you intend to track to obtain acumens on the member of staff and assignment throughput.

Inventory Tracking

Meticulously manage and track your inventory with the help of this software app. It enables you to trackproduct cost and get reminders when your business’s inventory is below the set limit.

Contractor Disbursement

You can smartly keep a close watch on all of the disbursements you make to subcontractors while sorting them in given 1099 groupings. Besides, you can prep and file your 1099s for all the payments you made to the subcontractor from your QuickBooks Premier account.


You can seamlessly generate financial forecasts right from the scratch as well as on the basis of preceding year financial statistics.

Industry-Explicit Attributes

This software enables you to carry out tasks such as tracking of overall productivity by means of assignment and customer, bill customers in percentage increase based on work segments, and run reports like benefactor contributions and sales synopses.

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