QuickBooks Pro Customer Support to Fix Freezing or Crashing Problem

QuickBooks Pro Customer Support is one of the perfect solutions to manage the business accounts. It is very crucial tool for small size businesses that want to grow. It can really help you to get more opportunities to boost your business. You can keep the record of business accounts and information of company. The QuickBooks is also a perfect tool to track the business activities of your business. You can easily see complete detail about sale and purchases of business. It helps you to track if you are having profit or loss.


If you are using the QuickBooks for your company, you can easily keep record of employees, vendors, items and customers. You can also keep the data of business transactions like deposits, payments, sales and purchase receipts. The best thing about the QuickBooks is that you can use this tool on various platforms and devices. It can be used on computer, smart phones and tablets. It is an excellent solution to keep your accounts managed on the go.

The QuickBooks can be used for any type of business. If you are also using this tool, you always want that you can use this tool without any problem but there can be various types of errors and problems in this tool like any other system. You can get the expert solution for these problems by contacting at QuickBooks customer support services.

Freezing or Crashing Problem in QuickBooks:

Sometimes, the QuickBooks shows the error of “QuickBooks has stopped working”. The system shows this problem sometimes and then crashes. This is very common error and can occur in any system. It is very annoying thing if your QuickBooks shows this error. This error can occur due to following reasons:

  • Any damaged QBWUSER.INI file:

If your QuickBooks is showing this error, it can be because of any missing or corrupted QBWUSER.INI file. It is very common problem and if your system has this error, you have to fix this file. You have to locate the missing file. If your file is damaged, you can try to rename it from .INI with .INIold. Then you can check if the problem is solved or not.

  • Hard drive corruption:

The complete data file of QuickBooks is stored in the hard drive of system. What if your hard drive has any problem? It can be a cause that your QuickBooks Pro is showing the crashing error. There can be various errors and corruptions in hard disk. So you better check that your hard drive is working well.

  • Damaged program files:

The data of the QuickBooks is stored in the program files in c drive of computer. If there is any problem or error in this drive, your QuickBooks can show the error message. You can use the QuickBooks component repair tool to solve this kind of errors. You can also contact to QuickBooks Pro Customer Support services for help.

  • Try to update the QuickBooks:

The QuickBooks has many versions and it may be a cause that you are still using the older version of QuickBooks. You should check if your QuickBooks can be updated on newer version or not. If yes, you should immediately update the QuickBooks to latest version to get rid of this problem.

  • Damaged windows OS:

The most of the computers are using Microsoft Windows operating system and if you are also using the QuickBooks in any windows computer, it can be a cause if your OS is damaged. There can be various damaged and corruption in Windows OS so you should make sure if you have error free windows or not.

These are the main causes of this problem if your system is showing the error “QuickBooks has stopped working”. There can be various solutions to solve this error and problem. You can get help from QuickBooks pro customer support services. First of all you should make sure that your system is free from viruses and corruptions. Then you should temporally disable the antivirus and firewall of system. You can also use the component repair tool of QuickBooks. if your problem is not solving after renaming the file QBWUSER.INI to QBWUSER.INIold, you should try to uninstall the QuickBooks. Then you should re-install the clean set up of the software.

You should make the back up of data file before uninstalling this software. If you do not want to fix the error manually, you can contact to QuickBooks pro customer support services and can get the help. They provide the excellent services to the customers who want the solution for this error. They have expert technicians who can help you by providing the technical solution online.  You can contact the support services for any kind of problem or error in your QuickBooks. You can contact anytime because they provide excellent services 24/7 for customers.

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