QuickBooks Slow to Open is quite popular in the market since the day of its inception due to its impeccable way of tackling the financial tasks. However, it is not without errors and can impact more powerfully as all the financial tasks are dependent on the software to work. Suppose a user is working with QuickBooks Desktop software over a server or has large size of company file, this may lead to performance issues within the software that might result in slow operation of tasks.

QuickBooks software runs at lightning speeds on most computers, However, you might notice that QuickBooks runs slower from time to time. When this happens, you can try a few different things to see if the issue goes away. The first thing to do is restart your computer; QuickBooks works fine on your other applications so there’s no reason to believe it would be an isolated problem with your software. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try doing some of these quick fixes to improve performance right away.

Before looking for any solution it is important to understand the possible root causes, why QuickBooks slow to open:

  • Taking a long time to operate the file.
  • Under Multi-user domain – company file activities slow down as the number of users signing into the file increase.
  • Company file runs fine in the morning and slows down as the day comes to close.
  • Performance issues tackled by all employees in the office.
  • Performance issues for only one or two employees in the office.
  • Intermittent performance issues (certain tasks are affect while other do not face any impact).
  • Similar data issues in numerous data files, pointing that the network is damaging your data files.
QuickBooks 2017 Slow to Open

Be aware that every day you use QuickBooks Desktop; your data file grows larger. As your file grows, it requires more resources to operate. It is not unusual for data files to grow too large for the installed network to support it and you will need to enhance your network.

Identify and Resolve Performance Problems

Note: Some of the following instructions are advised to be followed and treated only by qualified QuickBooks experts. This is even more imperative in-case the user does not have admin access to operate the software and computer’s server.

Ensure the software is updated to latest release of upgrade patch before going for the following methods of resolutions.

Method 1: Generate a backup file in order to reset the TLG file and resort lists

Method 2: Test speed from UNC path and from the desktop

Method 3: Reduce Company File Fragments and perform Disk Defragmentation

Method 4: Conflicting 3rd party programs and Anti-Virus software

Method 5: Check for issues within your company file

In case the issue of performance of the software is not improved after following the entire above solutions user is advised to press the ‘F2’ button from the keyboard while software is open then following needs to be kept in mind:

  • How large is your company file (file size)?
    QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: If your company file size is >500 MB, you can Improve QuickBooks performance by verifying it is using the correct amount of memory.
  • Do any of your lists exceed the recommended limits (list information)?
  • How many years worth of data do you have (versions used on this file)?

Company file is not bound and limited by its size, however, performance of the software do get affected by the size if it is way above the normal level such as over 500 MB size in case of QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier and over 1.5 GB in case of QuickBooks Enterprise. The size gets bigger and the file becomes heavier as the years pass without any filtering done where transactions are concerned. If the file usually goes overboard due to over limit in lists it is better to either compress the QuickBooks data or go for a new company file.

Check Few Simple Steps to Improve QuickBooks Performance:

Restart your computer: Restarting your computer is an easy first step to take if QuickBooks runs slow. Restarting your computer will clear out memory used by open applications and files that may be slowing down QuickBooks.

Don’t use too many add-ons: One reason QuickBooks may be slowing down is if you’ve added too many add-ons or third-party apps. While there are certainly great tools out there that can help your business in all sorts of ways, some can take up a lot of memory and processing power. Take a look at what you have installed and see if it’s possible to remove anything unneeded. One way to do that is by going into Add/Remove Programs in Windows or Applications on a Mac.

Update QuickBooks: If you’re having trouble with QuickBooks or have seen that it runs slowly when open, there are a few things you can do to try and speed up your performance. If your machine is more than a few years old or if it’s experiencing lots of other issues, you might want to consider updating QuickBooks. You can update QuickBooks for free by downloading and installing any of the newer versions of its software.

Minimize open files: QuickBooks can only open so many files at a time before it starts to run slowly. A good rule of thumb is to keep your number of open files to 20 or less. If you’re in a pinch and QuickBooks has already exceeded that limit, reduce how many accounts are open in QuickBooks or close them temporarily until you can free up some space.

Consider using multiple monitors: If you’re experiencing a slowdown in QuickBooks performance, consider upgrading to a multi-monitor setup. By doubling your screen real estate, you can run multiple applications simultaneously and free up processing power for QuickBooks. The trick here is to minimize what you’re doing on other monitors so they don’t distract you from working on QuickBooks.

This should help to resolve the performance issues met with the software due to which QuickBooks software was taking its own sweet time to open. These issues can be dealt by the user alone or by contacting the QuickBooks experts for sure shot resolution. In the situation user still faces the same problems; it is recommended to approach the QuickBooks experts who are extremely knowledgeable regarding all things QuickBooks set up by Intuit. Moreover, if there is any issue in connecting with the team of QuickBooks for the same user can connect with our live chat option on website – FastFix247.Com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Few common questions related to why QuickBooks slow to open in multi user mode:

Why QuickBooks Desktop may behave unexpectedly or show performance issues?

The following points should be considered if QuickBooks is running slowly or performing poorly:
1. QuickBooks is not up-to-date.
2. Your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements.T
3. There is a problem with the QBWUSER.INI file.
4. The hard drive has been damaged.
5. There is a problem with the QuickBooks Desktop installation or the program files.Infected 6. Windows operating system.

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