QuickBooks Timer Error 3163

User Query: I keep facing the runtime error & unable to import my data. The QuickBooks Error 3163 & it says “The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. Try inserting or pasting less data” What should I do?

Have you ever received a QuickBooks error message saying: “QuickBooks has experienced an issue and it needs to close? We are sorry for the inconvenience?”

If yes, it’s the QuickBooks Pro Timer Runtime Error 3163 that occurs when QuickBooks fails or crashes suddenly. When the error is reported, it is not necessarily due to the coding issue but might be because it did not work during the runtime.

The Occurrence of QuickBooks Error 3163

Well, you might not get any warning before the occurrence of this runtime error.  However, there are still some of the things that might indicate the possibilities of this problem. These include:

  • The frequent appearance of some dialog boxes with different error messages
  • You might see file deletion or the appearance of new files. While this could be because of the virus infection, still you can expect this as an indication of the error
  • The deteriorating pace
  • Slow internet connection, etc.

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The Causes of QuickBooks Error 3163

  • Running incompatible programs simultaneously
  • Memory issue
  • Poor graphics driver
  • Virus infection

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The Solutions of QuickBooks Error 3163

Whatever be the cause, it is necessary to deal with the error as soon as possible. Based on the cause of the error 3163, you can choose the method to resolve it. You just need to identify the error and proceed accordingly.

Here are the best solutions that you might implement to resolve Error 3163:

Option 1: Close Incompatible Programs Running Simultaneously

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
  2. Select Task Manager to check the programs running on the system
  3. Navigate to the Process tab
  4. Select and stop the program by clicking on End Process
  5. See if the error message appears even after ending a particular program
  6. If it persists after ending the processes, you can opt for another method of resolving the problem.

Option 2: Update the virus protection feature

  1. Download the protection program for virus
  2. Install the same
  3. Go for the scanning of your system to identify and resolve the issue

You can also run a Windows Update to get the latest version of the virus protection program to fix the error if it is caused due to a viral error.

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Option 3: Run Disk Cleanup

  1. Remember to take back up for all your files
  2. Free your hard drive space
  3. Clear cache and never forget to reboot your system after that
  4. Run Disk Cleanup. To do so:
    • Open Explorer window
    • Right-click the main directory, which is normally the C: drive
    • Select Properties
    • Choose Disk Cleanup

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Option 4: Reinstall the graphics Driver

  1. Go to Device Manager
  2. Locate the graphics driver
  3. Right-click on Video Card Driver
  4. Click to Uninstall
  5. Restart your system

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The steps are clear and easy to follow. Still, if you get stuck at any step or feel like getting assistance, you can connect with our QuickBooks experts on our LIVE CHAT and get guidance at the earliest.