QuickBooks Unable to Send Invoices Via Email

QuickBooks Unable to Send Invoices Via Email

Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)

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Query: User is not able to send invoice out of QuickBooks through their email account. When they tried to process invoice through their email account an error message was displayed stating – “Delivery Error – Please update company email in settings Last Attempt: Sent by email at Feb 10, 6:20 pm US Mountain Standard Time”. The user has further updated their email id after receiving the error in the section for customer settings and again tried to send the invoice. However, the issue still persists and displays the same message again and again.

Solution: In response to this query, the technical expert approached the user with a feasible solution. He first advised the user to update their authentic email address in the account settings through following steps:

  1. Open the software and locate for Gear icon in the right part of the screen in top half.
  2. From the list click on the option indicating user’s account.
  3. Now go to left side of the screen and click on the Company Info option situated there and then further click on Edit Company Info tab.
  4. In the field marked against Company Email Address provide the current email id being used and then click on Save changes button.

The above steps displayed ensures that the user can correct email address for sending invoice. However, if the user still faces issues it is advised to connect QuickBooks customer support phone number at will provide with further feasible methods to rectify the error.