User Query: QuickBooks error code unrecoverable error, I can’t print reports or open accounts. QuickBooks crashes after error notification. Now I unable to login In.

When opening the QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Code application there might encounter many errors. The QB unrecoverable error message is one of them. It happens because of many factors like missing Windows, computer issues, data corruption, etc.  This issue triggers when opening the company file or while clicking the save button of the transaction. The below article will teach you a guide to tackle the unrecoverable error in QuickBooks.

When does the QuickBooks unrecoverable error happen?

  • During Start/access/opening/closing company file
  • Opening page at a QuickBooks company file
  • When tries to create a company file backup or portable file creation
  • During the Payroll update/upgrade downloading process
  • Using Direct Deposit to send payroll

What are the causes of QuickBooks unrecoverable Error code?

screenshot quickbooks-unrecoverable-error
Screenshot – QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

Significant factors are leading the QuickBooks unrecoverable error messages that are below:

  • Corrupted company file
  • Missing Windows or QuickBooks desktop updates
  • System Technical glitches
  • The applications need some basic fix
  • When creating a portable file
  • When users attempt to send payroll info through Direct Deposit
  • Executing Verify/Rebuild feature
  • While opening the existing company feature, saving the transactions, or creating a backup
  • When closing a company file or opening a company file

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How to resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error code?

Method 1- Discover affected users:

Firstly find the number of affected users using different login credentials to open the company file simultaneously.  If any issue happens because of the particular users then there may be corrupted credentials. To fix this you need to recreate the corrupted user. Here is the list of instructions you need to know if a regular user gets damaged:

  • Go to the main company option
  • Select Setup users with passwords
  • Hit Setup users
  • The enterprise user needs to click on the Company button
  • Click Users tab
  • Choose Setup users & Roles button
  • Hit Add users option
  • Fill in the login credentials i.e. correct username with password
  • Hit Next tab
  • Next, customize the name of the user
  • After this choose the Finish tab
  • Once you are done with this log in the company file with login credentials appears on the Window
  • If the Admin user is corrupted then users require to download the QuickBooks file doctor tool and run it.

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Method 2- Suppress the QuickBooks Desktop:

  • You need to hold and hit on the Ctrl key option
  • Next double-click on the QuickBooks program icon
  • Hit the Ctrl button until and unless the no company file will be displayed on the Desktop
  • Click on the company file appears on the No company open
  • Hit and hold the Alt button
  • Choose Open
  • It will display a prompt asking you to login information
  • Now release the Alt button tab
  • Fill the valid user name with password
  • Again hit and hold the Alt button
  • Select OK tab
  • Do not release the Alt key until the company file launched correctly

Method 3- Open a Sample company file:

Follow the below steps:

  • Open the no company open page in QuickBooks
  • hit a single click to display the sample file
  • Select any sample file in the list
  • After this follow the given instructions to the company files on several locations:
  • Now give a right-click on the desktop
  • Select New button
  • Hit on the folder labeled QBTEST
  • It will open the folder with the company database file
  • Now on the file give a right-click and copy the same
  • Next, paste the company file in the folder named QBTEST that has been created previously
  • In the end, open the company files in the QBTEST folder

Method 4- Fix the QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Initially resolve the QB installation process
  • For this users required to download and run the QB install Diagnostic utility on the system
  • Next, do a clean re-installation using the clean installation tool
  • Or manually fix the Microsoft components

Method 5- Create a new Windows Administrator:

  • Firstly give a hit on the Start option
  • Choose Settings tab
  • Click Accounts
  • Now hit Family and its other users
  • Below the other users, a user is required to add someone to the system
  • Hit on the option which says “I don’t have this user’s sign-in information into a computer”
  • Next hit on the add another user without any Microsoft account
  • Write a new name for the account
  • Hit Finished
  • At last choose as administrator
  • Hit OK tab

Method 6- Save the form:

  • Open the form and use the Save and new tabs to save the transactions
  • Ensure that you don’t leave the icon anywhere on the field like on the form while file saving
  • Give a click on button named “To be printed tab” before saving the transactions
  • Enter print command using File & Print Forms option
  • If an unrecoverable error prompts during print commands, editing preferences, or making changes then here are the steps:
  • Click Edit Menu
  • Hit Preferences
  • Choose the checkbox named Print
  • Hit Clear the save transactions below the Company Preferences option
  • Select OK


Hopefully, the above-given quick troubleshooting guide helped you in fixing QuickBook’s unrecoverable error code. If none of them can fix the issue then there requires a professional team. Give a call to the experts to get an exceptional option.


How would I update the QuickBooks to resolve the QB unrecoverable issue?

1. Open QuickBooks
2. Press Ctrl key
3. Hit Help
4. Click Update QuickBooks
5. Now hit the “Update Now” tab on the Update QuickBooks Window
6. Choose New Features
7. Hit Get Updates
8. Once the update process completes then close the window

How would I identify the QuickBooks unrecoverable error?

1. Interrupted upgrade process
2. QuickBooks sudden crash while opening Software
3. In case the main window closes then it determines unrecoverable errors
4. Not saved files & transactions
5. QuickBooks Desktop pauses or stops responding

How do I create a new administrator in Windows 8?

1. Open the computer
2. Now press the Windows+R buttons to display the Run window
3. Write control panel and then OK option
4. Choose User accounts
5. Select manage another account tab
6. Hit Make a new account
7. Give a new name
8. Select as Administrator
9. Hit create an account

Why I cant logged In to my QuickBooks due to unrecoverable error?

If a user is logged into QuickBooks Company file and a network blip occurs, this error may occur. A network issue may also cause an unrecoverable error. QuickBooks or Windows updates may be out of date. Data Integrity issues with QuickBooks Company files can also result in this error.

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