The data damage on the company file creates major data integrity errors. The QuickBooks verify & rebuild utility is used to identify the data integrity issues and resolve them. However, in some circumstances, QuickBooks verify data integrity failed to respond and showing error message like: Verify has detected a problem that prevents backup from continuing. Unable to verify the integrity of your QuickBooks data.

There are many reasons are QuickBooks Verify Data Integrity Not Responding with it. For instance, the company file does not open, missing list names damaged transactions data, etc. The below write-up is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide to resolve the QuickBooks verify data integrity not responding error.

What are the Major Causes of QuickBooks Verifying Data Integrity not Responding Issue?

Following are the significant reasons to use the options of verifying & rebuilding in QuickBooks:

  • Complicated issues in QuickBooks Desktop
  • The company file failed to open
  • Report disparity including bills or invoices with a negative value
  • The payments to deposit window display deposited payments
  • You will receive an issue pop-up during working with QuickBooks
  • All account displayed in the balance sheet
  • List with corrupted names
  • Damaged transactions date
  • The checkup should ensure the company file failed to create an error
  • QuickBooks automatically freezes once you click to save a transaction

Warning indications of QuickBooks data file corruption:

Below are some warning signs specifying issues with the QuickBooks data file:

  • QuickBooks delays in loading reports
  • The number records or customer lists, vendors, employees, or beyond 14500 entries
  • QB database fragment comes in between 20, or 15-19

What are the techniques to resolve “QuickBooks was Unable to Verify the QuickBooks Data Integrity”?

Here are some methods to fix the QuickBooks issue message:

Method 1-Decrease QBW file size:

You may need to reduce the QBW file size before executing verify data utility to verify the QuickBooks data file issue. For this you require to Condense data utility with the below steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks
  • Locate File button
  • Click the “Utilities” tab
  • Choose Condense data option
  • Select the first button named “Keep all transactions, however, remove audit trail info to date”
  • Hit the Next button to begin the process
  • After the process completes you will view a window with a total reduction in QB Company file size with the original file backup location.

Method 2- QuickBooks Tool Hub usage:

QB is a tool suite to resolve several QuickBooks errors like QuickBooks was failed to check the QuickBooks data integrity. Here are the instructions to use the tool hub in QuickBooks:

  • Firstly download & install the QB Tool Hub
  • Open QuickBooks tool hub
  • Hit Company file issues
  • Select QuickBooks to fix my file button to resolve the company file issue
  • Hit the OK button and then start QuickBooks

If still, you are facing an error with QuickBooks then use the QB file Doctor utility from the tool hub. Here are the pointers to follow:

  • Hit Company file issues in the Tool hub
  • Select Run QuickBooks File Doctor
  • Click on the company file using drop-down and choose the corrupted file
  • Hit Check your file
  • Click Continue tab
  • Write the admin password and then click the Next button
  • This tool scans the file and fixes the issue. It might take some minutes to complete the error fix

Now use rebuild data:

In case using the Verify Data utility failed to check the QuickBooks file integrity. You can use the Rebuild Data utility tool to fix the Company file error. Follow the below steps:


QuickBooks verify data integrity failed to respond due to the corrupted company files or several other unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully, the above information is helpful to you to rectify the verify & rebuild data “utilities” tool in QuickBooks. If the above methods failed to sort out the problems, then you can get connected to experts to get more-advanced level solutions. Use a live chat or phone number for exceptional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Most asked questions related to how to fix when QuickBooks verify data integrity not responding.

  1. What do I need to do when the QuickBooks Rebuild tool failed to respond?

    When the error triggers then you simply need to wait till the process is complete while rebuilding data. Meanwhile, during the verification process, you would require complete process verification. Repeat the entire process till the application check the file for error messages.

  2. How would I check errors with the verify & rebuild data utility?

    1. Click Verify Data below the File “Utilities” button if is an issue with the QB company file
    2. It will display your data has failed the integrity check” when you choose Verify data below the File button
    3. Click the “Utilities” tab to resolve the error.

  3. Why did my QuickBooks verify data integrity not responding error happens?

    1. Memory error
    2. Storage drive issues
    3. Network issues
    4. Computer crashes or freezes
    5. Storage drive errors

  4. When would I need to use Verify my QuickBooks utility?

    It is used for detecting data damage and list corruption in the company data file.

  5. Why do I require QuickBooks rebuild data?

    1. Missing transactions
    2. The file fails to open
    3. Lost name using the company list
    4. Balance sheet reports failed to display the accounts
    5. Errors when using QuickBooks
    6. When you unable to save transactions

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