quickbooks wont export to excel exporting data reports

User Query: I have both 2018 & 2021 Desktop QuickBooks. Exporting a report to Excel worked properly until last week. I am using MS Office 365. But now I am facing exporting from QuickBooks to excel problems. How to troubleshoot this issue?

You just need to go through this blog till the end. Here, we have provided several easy solutions to the QuickBooks won’t export to excel issue.  Just have a look at the steps mentioned here, implement them and make sure you do not encounter this issue in future.

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Simple solutions to fix the QuickBooks won’t export to excel issue on your computer

Here are some simple steps to fix when you cannot export to excel from QuickBooks.

Step 1: Update Your QuickBooks Desktop When QuickBooks export to excel not working

Make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is updated to the latest version. It will help you avoid errors such as the export from QuickBooks to excel issues.

update quickbooks desktop
Update Your QuickBooks Desktop

After QuickBooks is updated to the latest release, here are the steps you should follow-

  • Open the Reports menu
  • Open any of the reports on the file
  • Click on the Excel tab.  All the export buttons, including Excel, will appear on your screen
Excel Tab Screenshot

If you are still not able to export to Excel, move to the next step.

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Step 2: Check the System Requirements for QuickBooks if export to excel won’t run properly.

Different QuickBooks versions may work differently with different MS Office Versions. Check if your Microsoft Office version is compatible with the QuickBooks version (QuickBooks 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 or 2017) you are using currently.

If you find your MS office version is not compatible, you need to upgrade the same.

If your version is compatible, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Try Repairing the Microsoft Office Application

If the above-mentioned steps have failed to resolve the QuickBooks not exporting to excel issue, you may try repairing the MS Office application installed on your computer. Here is the procedure to do so-

  1. For Windows 8.1, 8,7 and Vista
  • Click the Start button on your keyboard or on your screen
  • Navigate to Control Panel
  • Click on Programs
  • Click on Uninstall a Program
  • Click Microsoft Excel
  • Click Change
  • Click Online Repair and then select Repair

On some operating systems, you may also find the Repair tab only.

  • Now click on Continue
  • Follow the prompts appearing on your screen

2. For Windows 10

  • Click the Start button on your keyboard or on your screen
  • From MS Office, select MS Excel
  • Click Modify
  • Click Online Repair and then select Repair

On some operating systems, you may also find the Repair tab only.

  • Now click on Continue
  • Follow the prompts appearing on your screen

After completing the repair, open QuickBooks again and try exporting a report to Excel. If you are still getting the issue, move to the next step.

Step 4: Toggle the Windows UAC Settings

In Windows 7,8 and 10, you can toggle the settings of UAC (User Account Controls) on and off. This will put to reset anything that has been restricting the Excel export feature.

Here are the steps to do so –

  • Open the Windows Start menu.
  • Type User Account Control Settings to the search box
  • The User Account Control Settings window will pop up on your screen
Screenshot User Account Control Setting
  • Select the slider
  •  Move it to Never Notify
  • Click OK.
  • Restart the computer.

After completing the steps above, open QuickBooks again and try exporting a report to Excel. You should be able to accomplish this task without any issue now.

In this blog, we tried to share all the information you need related to the QuickBooks crashes when exporting to excel issue. We hope, after going through the blog and the steps mentioned therein, you will find it easier to troubleshoot this issue on your own. If you are still not able to get rid of this issue, or, if you experience any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, we recommend you to speak to our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are The System Requirements for QuickBooks to Work in Mac Systems?

    You must meet the below-mentioned specification for QuickBooks to work properly in Mac –
    You should have QuickBooks for Mac 2016 R5 or earlier
    Mac OS 10.10.2 is needed for proper working of QuickBooks
    Intel Core Duo processor or higher is preferable
    2 to 4 GB RAM is required
    The minimum disk space you need is  250 MB
    For smooth running of QuickBooks Payroll module, you need a fast internet connection. You also need adobe reader to print the QuickBooks forms
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  2. What are the Different Export Features Available in QuickBooks?

    Here are the features:
    1. Bank Transaction Export: Allows the users to export .CSV/.IIF file to QuickBooks.
    2. Bill Export: Allows to export .csv and .IIF files to QuickBooks.
    3. Calendar Export: Allows to export calendar to other applications.
    4. Contact Notes Export: Enables the users to export the list of all the contact notes created in the Clio.
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  3. Why QuickBooks got crashed & unbale to export data from QuickBooks to excel?

    Some of the reasons of occurrence of this issue are listed below-
    1. Improper functioning of the file registry
    2. Damaged or corrupted MS Excel.
    3. The QuickBooks application may have got damaged or corrupted.
    4. QuickBooks is not updated to the latest releases or patches

  4. I am getting frustrated with QuickBooks issue on not being able to export to excel (grayed out options). I unable to send reports. What to do?

    Here are few options that can solve exporting from QuickBooks to excel problems.      
    Method # 1
    The application must be uninstalled and reinstalled if the platform is changed from 32 bit to 64 bit or vice versa. You can continue by uninstalling and reinstalling Excel Office 365 at this time.
    Method # 2
    The Advanced section for Excel Options can be obtained on the Send Report to Excel window.
    Let me demonstrate you how to get to this page:
    Begin by opening a report.
    Select Create New Worksheet from the Excel drop-down menu.
    Go to the Advanced tab.
    send report to excelScreenshot – Send Reports to Excel
    In Excel Options, uncheck all items.
    Choose OK, then Export.
    quickbooks-advance-excel-optionsAdvance Excel Options
    Return to the Send Report to Excel window after exporting and tick those options again. 
    Method # 3
    Final solution is > Control Panel > Default Apps > Make Excel as the default app.
    Also, check for any license problems in Office 365 Excel. (Excel > File > Accounts > Reactivate).

  5. Trying to export a report to an Excel spreadsheet. The error pop up says ‘QuickBooks excel cannot open the data file’ appears. Exporting is not a problem with CSV file. I ran the ‘QuickBooks repair. I ran MS Office repair. How can I fix this?

    To begin, I’d want to put a few troubleshooting steps to the test:
    1. Restart the computer if necessary.
    2. QuickBooks should now be open.
    3. Obtain the report and export it to Excel.

  6. I’m now using QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 and have updated to Office 365 from MS Office. I haven’t been able to export anything to Excel since the upgrade. I’ve tried repairing, updating, and reinstalling multiple times without success. Could someone please explain why my Excel options are greyed out?

    1. Using regedit – Delete the 1.9 key under:
    2. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{00020813-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}
    3. Then start again QuickBooks – your exporting QuickBooks to excel issues problem solved.

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